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Snapchat's CEO On Facebook's Long History of Copying His Company's Products ( 17

Earlier this week, Snap's CEO Evan Spiegel publicly addressed Facebook's long-standing practice of copying his company's products, joking that Facebook should model Snap's approach to collecting less information about its users. "We would really appreciate it if they copied our data protection practices also," Spiegel said on Tuesday night at the Code Conference in Southern California. The Verge reports: Interviewer Kara Swisher asked Spiegel how he felt about Facebook's decision to copy key Snapchat innovations including ephemeral 24-hour stories and augmented reality lenses. Spiegel first said that his wife, Miranda Kerr, cared more about it than he did. Snap collects less data on users than Facebook does, though it does still allow advertisers to target ads based on demographic criteria that the company gathers. It has never offered a full-featured API that allows users to give away their friends' information, as Facebook once did.

Spiegel went on to say that he looked at Facebook's copying as a designer. "If you design something that is so simple and so elegant, that the only thing other people can do is copy it exactly [...] that as a designer is really is the most fantastic thing in the world," Spiegel said.

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Snapchat's CEO On Facebook's Long History of Copying His Company's Products

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  • This story sounds like a dup - was this where the whiny CEO complained about what his wife did or didn't like?
    • This just in: Slashdot has just posted a front-page story containing a link to where Miranda Kerr bitches about Facebook not being "innovative" enough.

      "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of nerds suddenly gagged audibly and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened."
  • by eggstasy ( 458692 ) on Sunday June 03, 2018 @12:50PM (#56720566) Journal

    We had freebie face replacement apps bundled with our webcams like 20 years ago, wtf. We could use them with Skype or anything else because they worked on the driver level.

    • All Messenger innovation was done as you say 20 years ago AOL, AIM, Yahoo Messenger,MS Messenger,ICQ Messenger. Aim didn't have video when it first came out Yahoo did so who was first to have video? wasn't AOL that's for sure. but as far as messengers go your right that boat floated 20 yrs ago. having text/image delete after how many seconds could count as innovation but hardly something to die for lol
      • IRC is even older, about 30 years now, and it had the "#" prefix for topics (well, actually channels which are more like discussion boards per each topic, but basically the same idea). Kids these days...
    • We had freebie face replacement apps bundled with our webcams like 20 years ago, wtf.

      WTF indeed and I'm calling a huge pile of bullshit. The seminal Viola-Jones face detection algorithm isn't even 20 years old. That was about the first time that realtime face detection got good enough to be viable. A full 20 years ago, the best intel CPU was barely cresting 400MHz.

      No the hell way did we have realtime face detection and tracking of anything approaching usable quality 20 years ago. The computer vision tech wa

  • By "earlier this week", do they mean Wednesday? []
  • No matter how much they copy, they are still facebook. Right thinking people have better things to do with their internet time.

  • ..and it's not that hard to get said info.

    snapchat OTOH.. the whole company was based on selling snake oil of sharing stuff you couldn't save.

    really it was based on that one idea, which is a snakeoil idea. ironically a lot of more people fucked themselves up unknowingly with snapchat than facebook, because they bought into that idea.

    got any idea how much snapchat non intended to share porn there is? if you can see it, you can save it. simple as that.