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VR Company Upload Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit ( 83

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: Upload, formerly UploadVR, the virtual reality startup at the center of a sexual harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit filed earlier this year, has settled the case with its former employee and is aiming to put the ensuing damage behind it. The lawsuit, filed against the startup and its co-founders by former director of digital and social media Elizabeth Scott, alleged that the company had sought to create a "boy's club" environment and described "rampant" sexual behavior in the office, allegations that co-founders Will Mason and Taylor Freeman denied as "entirely without merit." The lawsuit is now over, according to people familiar with the matter, and though the terms of the agreement were undisclosed, some in the virtual reality community feel that the company has dodged a bullet in reaching some conclusion over the litigation.

"The matter has been concluded," was Upload's official statement. Neither Scott, nor her legal counsel, responded to a request for comment for this story. Upload has also released the following statement around the conclusion of the legal case. "Our primary focus at Upload is education, which we believe is the key to growing the mixed reality ecosystem. We are deeply committed to creating an inclusive community to empower the pioneers building the future."

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VR Company Upload Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

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  • Everyone is about to pile in here calling people who can act normally around the opposite sex "SJWs" and similar. But, this behavior is very common at startups, and it almost always starts with the "executives." I'm using quotes because in these cases the executives are usually either fraternity types who just got out of school, or fully-grown man-children. When you give a bunch of glorified salespeople and dealmakers millions of dollars in VC money, they're going to create a club for their friends. It's yo

    • by GuB-42 ( 2483988 )

      People like to pretend that sexual harassment doesn't exist, but a lot of people haven't worked 100 hour weeks at startups.

      I thought women knew better than to work 100 hour weeks for somebody else's profits.

  • "I though I was just playing a game...although they did feel very real!"

  • Elizabeth Scott is a marketing expert suing a marketing company (UploadVR) for sexual harassment. A marketing company in San Francisco no less, a city ruled by sex and drugs. I generally have low expectations for people in marketing.

    But what does this have to do with women in tech, or even technology? Why is this crap on Slashdot?

    • But what does this have to do with women in tech, or even technology? Why is this crap on Slashdot?

      The suit was settled By uploading hundreds of thousands of dollars into Elizabeth Scott's bank account.

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