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Western Digital Gets US Court Order To Access Toshiba Databases, Chip Samples ( 12

Western Digital won a temporary U.S. court order on Tuesday saying that Toshiba must allow Western Digital's employees to access databases and chip samples as part of a joint venture with Toshiba around flash memory chip plants in Japan. Reuters reports: Toshiba is scrambling to sell its flash memory business and Western Digital is among the bidders. In a sign of high tensions around the deal, Toshiba threatened to lock Western Digital out of shared databases and quit sending chip samples. Western Digital sued Toshiba in San Francisco County Superior Court saying that its joint venture with Toshiba means Toshiba must get its consent for a sale. It asked the court for two separate orders: An injunction to stop the sale, and a temporary restraining order forcing Toshiba to give its workers access to shared databases. A judge granted the temporary order for access to the shared databases Tuesday and set a further hearing on July 28.
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Western Digital Gets US Court Order To Access Toshiba Databases, Chip Samples

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  • by ArhcAngel ( 247594 ) on Tuesday July 11, 2017 @09:20PM (#54790603)
    I remember when HP bought Compaq oh so many years ago. HP found out Toshiba was charging HP more for the same HDD than they were Compaq. Fun times.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    American companies. They will try to take as much as they can, and their courts will take their side in every matter and fuck you in the ass if they can. Lesson to be learned: do not do business with American companies. Go to Europe or Asia instead.

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