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Crime Technology

Terrorist Target Mexican Nanotechnology Professors 234

An anonymous reader writes "A Mexican terrorist organization sent an explosive device to an ITESM professor due to his research in nanotechnology. ITS or Individuals with Wild Tendencies in english, is a group that claims to be against the 'nanotechnology revolution' in fear of a nanomachine take over that will mean the end of civilization. The group has published on their website that they plan to target individuals in this research field to ensure the survival of mankind. Mexican authorities are investigating the case."
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Terrorist Target Mexican Nanotechnology Professors

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    • Well I'd put it THIS way, on the one hand they are probably just paranoid and nuts, but on the other hand the history of the human race embracing things before we really understand them and royally fucking our shit up is pretty legendary. After all we've had 'Yeah just burn as much coal as you want...hey why is my skin burning when it rains?", "Asbestos is like a miracle, look how well it protects from fires! Why is Chuck coughing up blood?" and of course "radiation is your friend! Ignore the falling hair a

  • by mykos ( 1627575 ) on Wednesday August 10, 2011 @09:48PM (#37051702)
    I reject the notion that "anything man does is unnatural".

    Even if nanotechnology led to a significant change in our species and others, it's just as natural as anything else that happens in the universe. I wish these Luddites would realize that we don't need to stop where we are.
    • The issue is that nanotechnology might wipe us out. I don't want that to happen, even if it is "natural".

      Exactly, many of us have been working very hard on the LHC to ensure that we get to wipe us all out first. After all we all know from Hollywood documentary movies that all of us scientists are hell-bent on performing insanely dangerous experiments without regard to the fact that they would result in the deaths of our own families and loved ones, not to mention ourselves too.

    • I reject the notion that "anything man does is unnatural".

      Agreed. In the end, we're just moving around the same atoms / molecules / etc that are already being moved around by the universe and natural processes.

      Are ants and birds natural? What about the ant hill/colony and bird's nest? What about beaver dams/lodges?
      If so, then our buildings are natural as there's. Heck, even the Hoover Dam.

      Are rivers, streams, etc natural?
      If so, then the Panama Canal is nature since we're just cutting out the path quickly instead of waiting for centuries/millenium/etc.

      Alloys occ

  • and not unabomber 2

  • Replicators already exist. They are robust, they use materials in the environment, they reproduce. They're called "bacteria" and the reason they can't overtake the planet is that it's a very hostile place. Organisms have evolved for a very long time, and generally they get more efficient at making more of them. Yet here we are. I, for one, am not worried about grey goo.
    • The main reason our particular species of green goo hasn't overtaken the planet, for example, is that we find lots of other species cute and so we've made a conscious decision not to exterminate them. And even then we lost (and are still losing) quite a few other interesting and useful parts of the biosphere, as we pass through the dangerous "apes with tools" phase on the way in between "apes" and "apes with tools and self-restraint".

      What if "bacteria with tools" turn out to be just as big a step above bac

      • We know why one particular species of green goo hasn't overtaken the planet and it has nothing to do with cuteness.

        The world is composed of multiple, radical different environments. Hot Deserts, Cold Ice Tundras, low pressure surface waters, high pressure deep waters.

        Different species are better at surviving different environments.

        No single gray goo could POSSIBLY beat the green goo in all it's varied environments. You are not talking about a slight superiority, you are talking about a huge superiori

    • We are the grey goo.
  • Unless he's in the unabomber league, I don't see how much one lone person can do.

  • That is what should be worried about: particles already on the market that are so small, they easily get past the blood / brain barrier.

    At one time, asbestos seemed miraculous too.

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