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Samsung Rescues Data-Saving Privacy App Opera Max and Relaunches it as Samsung Max (venturebeat.com) 16

Samsung has rescued Opera Software's Opera Max data-saving, privacy-protecting Android app from oblivion and relaunched it today as Samsung Max. From a report: Norwegian tech company Opera, which first became known for its desktop browser when it launched in 1995, has offered mobile browser apps across various platforms for years. But in 2014, it launched the standalone Opera Max app for Android, designed to get its users more bang from their data plan, along with some VPN-like features. The app compresses data such as photos, music, and videos while promising "no noticeable loss of quality." Opera Max can also block background processes to conserve battery and data. The app was given a number of new features over the past few years, but last August the company revealed it was pulling the plug on Opera Max once and for all.
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Samsung Rescues Data-Saving Privacy App Opera Max and Relaunches it as Samsung Max

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  • by 110010001000 ( 697113 ) on Friday February 23, 2018 @10:11AM (#56175451) Homepage Journal
    Plus it is open source so I can audit what the program does, right? Otherwise I would need to take a corporations word for it.
    • Why does it have to be Open Source? 99.999% of people can't read code well enough to see security issues. I work for a very large software company and let's say security it huge, it is unbelievably important. And to be honest the opposite argument can be made. What if the only person to read the code does it to find the security flaws to exploit? Obfuscated and compiled code makes it much more difficult to find the exploit.I am all for open source, use it and adore some of it, some is sooooo crappy but the
    • How is it privacy to route all of my data through their servers? It's worse than VPN since they have to be able to have it decrypted to compress it. And will it even work with HTTPS? (and how would you even know, since you are trusting the browser is using https when it says it's using https.)

  • Nice to hear Sammy is doing this. Just for the record I believe Opera is now a Chinese controlled company.
  • Samsung's modus operandi all too often consists of getting software written by others and add a heck of a lot of bloatware of Samsung's own, rendering the original software almost unusable. Is this what they have done here as well?

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