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iTunes Snafu Made 'Thor: Ragnarok' Available Almost a Month Early ( 46

An anonymous reader shares a report: When you check out the 'Thor: Ragnarok' page on iTunes, it says pre-orders of digital copies are expected to arrive on February 20th. But as TorrentFreak reports, some people got their hands on the Marvel film about a month early due to some sort of snafu with iTunes and Movies Anywhere. According to TorrentFreak, a Reddit user said in a now-deleted post that their legal purchase of the film on Vudu landed them an iTunes copy of it the next day. "I pre-ordered Thor Ragnarok on Vudu yesterday and it links it to my iTunes also. But curiously it showed up in my iTunes library this morning (pre-orders shouldn't). And now I can watch the full movie in HD," they wrote. "I obviously downloaded it right away. I know its supposed to come out February 20th." Others then responded that going that same purchase route made the movie available to them in iTunes as well.
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iTunes Snafu Made 'Thor: Ragnarok' Available Almost a Month Early

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  • iTunes is somewhat known for releasing stuff early due to mishap. Their management panel must have some poor UX, as it happens quite often with episodes of less known series.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I'm sure the studio will measure the damages in the billions. And somehow blame this for their terrible year.

    • This film brought in $850M in worldwide box office, and beat the other Thor films by 50% domestically. At worst they lost a little home video income. It is not like the pirate audience wouldn't have downloaded it next month anyway. It just came earlier than expected.

      Normally the pirate version comes out as soon as the physical Blu-Ray disks are being distributed to stores. It only takes one person to borrow it long enough to make a copy, and it gets out. Typically this happens a week or two before the

  • Wording... (Score:4, Insightful)

    by WolfgangVL ( 3494585 ) on Monday January 22, 2018 @02:58PM (#55979775)

    I know it's only a summary, but....

    You place blame on consumer with "Illegal purchase"

    Consumer did nothing wrong. They pre-ordered the media for viewing after release and got a pleasant surprise.

    You aught to place blame on merchant with "Illegal offering" or "illegal sale" as Amazon messed up and made the media available early after collecting the $$.

    Is that really illegal to begin with? Or is it just against some TOS somewhere? We are talking about an official distribution channel right?

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Back in the dead tree days, a bookstore selling a new release book before the release date was rather common. I'm not surprised that happens in online retail too.

    • If anything, it's merely a breach of contract. I don't even think this could count as a copyright distribution violation by Apple because they were licensed to distribute.

      • Please oh please let the MAFIAA start fighting with Apple. I'd like to see those two 500lb gorillas fight...

    • Why are you blaming Amazon for this? Apple runs iTunes, not Amazon.

  • Good (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Artificial release restrictions shoudn't exist. Release early release often.

  • They paid for these so who cares? It's not like they got the movie free, they just got it a month early.
  • I'm sure they will want to fix this bug, but I'm definitely going to watch this tomorrow.

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