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Google Subpoenaed Over Data Privacy, Antitrust in Missouri ( 18

Google is facing a new front in its regulatory battles after Missouri's attorney general on Monday launched a broad investigation into whether the company's business practices violate the state's consumer-protection and antitrust laws. From a report: Attorney General Josh Hawley's office said on Monday that it issued a subpoena to investigate if Google's use of information that it collects about consumers is appropriate and if the company stifles competing websites in search results. Google has largely steered clear of antitrust problems in the U.S. That's not the case in Europe, where the company faces a fine of about $2.7 billion over the display of its shopping ads.
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Google Subpoenaed Over Data Privacy, Antitrust in Missouri

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  • Google and their ilk are data collectors and trackers. They are not your friend. Go Missouri!
  • "Give us the information, so we can see if you are sharing the information with anyone!"

    Uh... yeah... we realize Missouri is "The Show Me State" and all, but if we gave you the information, then it would mean that, yes, we shared information with someone: "Those Guys In Missouri".

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