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One Day Left To Comment on the FCC's Plan To Kill Net Neutrality ( 99

An anonymous reader quote The Verge: After four months of debate, the FCC is nearly ready to stop accepting feedback on its proposal to kill net neutrality. Final comments are due this Wednesday, August 30th, by end-of-day Eastern time. Once the comment period closes, the FCC will review the feedback it received and use it as guidance to revise its proposal, which if passed, would reverse the Title II classification that guaranteed net neutrality just two years ago. The commission is supposed to factor in all of the feedback it received when writing its final draft, so if you do have strong feelings on the matter, it's worth leaving a comment...

To leave a comment, you'll have to go to this site, click "+ Express," and then fill out the form it opens up to. Make sure you leave the proceeding number "17-108" in place, as that's what ties it to the net neutrality proposal. Also, be aware that everything filed is public, so others will be able to see your name and address.

"ISPs shouldn't be gatekeepers," wrote the EFF in a tweet sharing tips on the way to write effective comments. The number of comments matter because "the commission will very likely have to defend its changes in court," according to the article. And the commission has now received a record 22 million filings -- nearly six times the previous record of 3.7 million comments (when the net neutrality rules were first implemented).
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One Day Left To Comment on the FCC's Plan To Kill Net Neutrality

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  • by rsilvergun ( 571051 ) on Tuesday August 29, 2017 @06:55PM (#55106557)
    It's just a simple web form. It'd be child's play to astro turf it to kingdom come with anti Net Neutrality comments. Wasn't somebody already caught doing just that?
  • Akamai State of the Internet Report 2017Q1 [] has United States average (IPv4) home Internet connection speed at 18.7 Mbps, up 22% year-on-year.

  • One more day to be ignored by my government.

    Oh, wait. That's just like any other day now.

  • by Snotnose ( 212196 ) on Tuesday August 29, 2017 @08:30PM (#55107023)
    Ajit has pretended to listen to the people, but he's already been paid. His biggest problem now is how to phrase "90% of the American public think you suck, but you're gonna suck anyway". We need independent courts to look this kind of corruption and send the fuckers responsible to prison. Ajit, you deserve 5-10 years, you asshole.
  • Unless you're running a website that some people don't approve of.

    • This.

      The people celebrating this don't seem to understand how bad this is for an open, free internet. They also seem to have dropped their opposition to "corporations controlling the internet".

  • by pedrop357 ( 681672 ) * on Wednesday August 30, 2017 @09:52AM (#55109679)

    All this talk about open internet, ISPs not acting as gatekeepers, corporations not controlling the internet, etc. is a bit thin when people are openly celebrating corporations kicking websites off the internet with little notice for offensive (very offensive in these cases) content after having collected money from them for years.

    You can abhor places like the dailystormer and stormfront, while also disagreeing with what happened to them, how it happened, and pointing out that this bodes very badly for an open, free internet.

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