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John McAfee Can Finally Use His Own Name Again ( 52

An anonymous reader quotes Fossbytes: It was last year when, John McAfee, the co-founder of an antivirus company that's now owned by Intel, took Intel to the court over the right to use his name for commercial purposes... According to a Reuters report, the US District Judge Paul Oetken has dismissed the 2016 case and the counter lawsuit filed by Intel. The two parties have settled upon a mutual agreement which allows John Mcafee to use his name for promotions, presentations, and advertisements. He can't link his name to any product or service related to cyber security and security.
McAfee told the BBC that he can't directly name a company after himself, adding "I can live with that. That certainly beats having to live with 'The Entrepreneur Formerly known as McAfee.'"

Johnny Depp is still scheduled to play McAfee in a movie called "King of the Jungle," which will focus on the period of his life when McAfee fled a police investigation in Belize.
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John McAfee Can Finally Use His Own Name Again

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  • A company is a legal private entity whose ownership may change hands. Naming a company after you is just asking to lose the commercial rights to your name.
    Only a true idiot would, for the second time, use their name for a company.

    • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday July 08, 2017 @07:06PM (#54771279)

      Black & Decker
      Eli Lilly
      Harley Davidson
      Hewlett Packard
      JC Penney
      Levi Strauss
      Proctor and Gamble
      Rolls Royce
      Walt Disney

    • by fahrbot-bot ( 874524 ) on Saturday July 08, 2017 @08:11PM (#54771463)
      You don't have to use the name for the company... From: Bully Hill Vineyards - Heritage [], which was founded by Walter S. Taylor, whose grandfather started the Taylor Wine Company:

      Everything suddenly changed in 1977 when Coca-Cola acquired Taylor Wine. One morning Walter came into work to discover that they had filed an injunction against him and Bully Hill Vineyards— preventing him from using the word “Taylor” on anything related to Bully Hill. Walter, believing that no one had the right to take his name from him quickly appealed but could not win against the behemoth legal team assembled against him.

      In the end he was ordered to follow a list of stipulations dictating what he could and couldn’t “say” when it came to his name and ancestry. The list banned Walter:

      • From using the word “Taylor” on anything relating to Bully Hill. Period.
      • From implying that Bully Hill was connected to or the successor of Taylor Wine. It is very important to remember that Walter from birth was entrenched in everything Taylor Wine and that he and his father started Bully Hill together to continue the winemaking traditions of his family.
      • From implying that Bully Hill Vineyards was the original Taylor Wine Company. Bully Hill does sit on the original site Walter’s grandfather purchased in the late eighteen hundreds.
      • From implying that any of Walter’s ancestors are or were connected to Bully Hill Vineyards. Walter’s father was, in fact, a co-founder of Bully Hill Vineyards.
      • From implying that Walter’s ancestors passed ANYTHING on to him in the art of winemaking or grape growing. Walter was a 4th generation Taylor family winemaker and grape grower, by definition his ancestors passed on their knowledge and skills on to him.
  • by dyfet ( 154716 ) on Saturday July 08, 2017 @07:06PM (#54771281) Homepage

    Fear and Loathing in Belize.

  • McAfee the product sucks bigly. He should change his name to avoid association.

  • Find it interesting that this is claimed as some victory for him, before he was whining about not being able to use his name for a company or security products and how unjust it was (because he sold the rights to it), nothing much in this settlement seems to change that or am I missing something?
    • He has clear rules now saying what he can and cannot use his name for. That's an improvement over having to live with the constant threat of legal action if the new owners decide he broke a rule they invented on the spot.

  • Does anyone know what happened with that gal who was with him in Belize and suddenly just burned all the "research" he paid her to do and then just took off? I've always been curious about that thread of the story but haven't seen anything.

    • Watch Jonny Depp's movie to find out

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