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EFF Issues April Fool's Day Newsletter (eff.org) 21

An anonymous reader writes: There were some surprises in today's edition of the EFF's "EFFector" newsletter. Noting that it's their sqrt(-1)th issue, they report that the EU will protect the privacy of its data by building a 30-foot wall around the United States. "Only U.S. tech companies that comply with EU privacy restrictions and prohibit U.S. government access to their data will be given fiber optic grappling hooks to transport Europeans' data across the Atlantic, over the wall, and back to their U.S.-based servers."

The newsletter also reports that the bipartisan leaders of the U.S. House and Senate Intelligence Committees "apologized during a press conference this morning for failing to provide rigorous supervision of the intelligence community." And the newsletter also reports that Deadpool won an Oscar after PricewaterhouseCoopers mistakenly handed the presenters an envelope with a list of the most-frequently torrent-ed movie of 2016. But perhaps its most unexpected headline is "Comcast to Assimilate with the Borg."

The Borg said the deal would increase its market share, nationwide reach, and overall reputation for evil -- while Comcast claimed that the deal would boost competition.
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EFF Issues April Fool's Day Newsletter

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  • All in all it was somewhat funny, but this line is frigging hilarious!:"Having been left off the list of Best Film nominees all together, Deadpool director Tim Miller and lead actor Ryan Reynolds were not in attendance at Sunday nightâ(TM)s Oscars, giving Kanye West time to take the stage and correct the mistake."
    • by doom ( 14564 )

      I got taken by that one for a minute, because i don't follow crap news, and I thought the EFF was a serious political organization, not a bunch of idiot teenager wannabes like slashdot. I know better now.

      April Fool's Day: they tell you it's about "having a sense of humor" and "being a good sport", but really it's an excellent custom for identifying news sources that should never be taken seriously, April or not.

  • WTF has happened to slashdot??? It looks like another go at the beta site fail that the previous owners tried and that didn't work out too well for them.

    I liked being able to skim the summaries quickly to decide what I wanted to read. Clicking on titles to get summaries did not take long to piss me off.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    You guys obviously like the tradition and get a kick out of it, so next year go back to the old format and run the best April Fool's jokes in the standard green format. There seems to be plenty of good ones out there.

    To me, it doesn't get old. Yeah, you're going to have to have a tough hide because there are a lot of no-lifers here who

    1. Have no sense of humor

    2. Aren't happy with their lives

    3. Feel they are entitled to whine about anything they don't like, even if they got it free and did no work

    4. En

    • Glad you got some politics there in your little screed there.

      ABS - Always Be Signaling
    • ... Yeah, you're going to have to have a tough hide because there are a lot of no-lifers here who ...

      That's an interesting post, with a few potentially worthwhile points among the insults and the assertions of 'facts' not in evidence. It's too bad you posted AC - it diminishes both your credibility, and the credibility of your argument. Then again, maybe you had no choice but to post AC - perhaps you're a paid Slashdot shill? Or even a Slashdot editor? I guess we'll never know...

"Yeah, but you're taking the universe out of context."