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How Seven Movie Studios Forced A Pirated Movie Site Offline ( 136

A major pirated movie site went offline last month after seven Hollywood studios won a preliminary court injunction. An anonymous reader quotes the Hollywood Reporter: The MPAA-member studios sued the operators of PubFilm/PidTV in February, asking the court for a temporary restraining order to shut down what it described as a ring of six interconnected large-scale piracy sites. The suit was initially sealed, but was made public on Friday. Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Universal, Disney, Paramount and Viacom are named as plaintiffs in the suit for direct and secondary copyright infringement, trademark infringement and unfair competition.

They're seeking statutory damages of $150,000 per infringement plus restitution of the sites' profits. So, depending on how many instances of infringement are discovered, the damages in this case could be astronomical. The studios claim the sites had more than 8 million visitors each month, nearly half of which were linked to IP addresses in the U.S... The sites are believed to be operated in Vietnam.

The court also ordered GoDaddy, VeriSign and Enom to disable all six domain names, to prevent the domains from being transferred, and to do it without communicating or warning the sites' owners first. In response, the defendants purchased a new domain, and then began publicizing it with ads on Google AdSense.
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How Seven Movie Studios Forced A Pirated Movie Site Offline

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    The more star systems slip through their fingers.

  • Never heard of 'em. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward

    TBP is still around. So is Kickass, Demonoid, and Torrentleech.

    Dunno what the websites they shut down were for, but it certainly didn't affect me, or anyone I know who regularity pirates stuff.

    I guess... maybe they need to announce some sort of victory every so often? I dunno.

  • Thanks (Score:5, Funny)

    by PPH ( 736903 ) on Sunday March 12, 2017 @11:43AM (#54022905)

    I'd never even heard of PubFilm until the court injunction.

    Give my regards to Barbara.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    All this does is piss off people with the skills to make it even harder next time. Eventually the arms race will end, and the studios will be screwed. The only way to stop it is surgery, to prevent people from seeing/hearing things. Even in the 'meat world' war advances tech further and faster than peace does.

    Remember we had 'piracy' ( i hate using that term btw, for one reason nothing is being stolen ..) before the internet. We will have it after too.

    • by amiga3D ( 567632 )

      The way to prevent it is to find a new way to monetize the content.

  • About 100,000 more to go! :-D
    • by Anonymous Coward

      As they aren't even down.. so its a net loss for the industry due to all the free press.

      • by amiga3D ( 567632 )

        Really. I can see ppl out there going "you mean I can get it for free?"

  • They moved to ccTLD: .ac is Ascension Island, and .is is Iceland.

    I guess it will be harder to bring them down again, as a US court will probably consider it has no jurisdiction there.

  • Domain name: $10
    Cost to get court order to shut it off $millions to taxpayers, nothing to hollywood
    Laughing myself silly at Hollywood's antics: A headache and upset tummy from laughing too hard.

    I'm not even sure why Hollywood is still around. They are simple gate keepers exacting a toll, and they don't even produce anything I've seen in decades that I'd have paid to see. I don't even bother with trying to see it without paying, it's a simple waste of time and effort for trash.

  • Too bad they cannot do anything about the largest pirated media site in the world, Baidu.

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