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Trump Renominates Ajit Pai For Five More Years at the FCC ( 57

According to Axios, Bloomberg, and several other publications, President Trump has nominated FCC chairman Ajit Pai for a second five-year term at the commission. "Pai's current term ended last June, though he's been able to stick around through the end of the year even without reconfirmation," reports The Verge. From the report: The nomination comes just days after Pai sat down with the president for a meeting, during which they're said to have "reconnected" but without actually discussing anything the commission is actively considering. Pai will need confirmation from the Senate for the nomination to be approved. He was first nominated in 2012 to fill the slot of a commissioner. With approval, he'll be able to stick around through at least the entirety of Trump's current term. The question now is when Trump will nominate people to fill the two slots still vacant at the commission. The FCC remains short staffed, with only three out of five seated leaders, which somewhat limits how quickly Pai is able to get through his agenda.
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Trump Renominates Ajit Pai For Five More Years at the FCC

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    ... so, of course, Trump wants him to stay. He's *destroying* net neutrality.

    • by gweilo8888 ( 921799 ) on Tuesday March 07, 2017 @07:08PM (#53995705)
      Yup. Literally the only thing Trump cares about is removing all barriers to the rich gobbling up even more of the pie for themselves, and leaving the middle class and poor with even less to share between them.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      But at least he asked manufacturers to include FM radio support in phones.
      He even said pretty please! []
      That's how you know he's really a big supporter of consumer rights!

  • I should get one of those postings at the FCC!
    Under this administration I'm totally the perfect candidate!

    [1] I have no idea what the job is
    [2] I will likely be incompetent.
    [3] I own a sledgehammer.

    See, complete and total qualifications!
    • by silentcoder ( 1241496 ) on Wednesday March 08, 2017 @04:36AM (#53998301)

      That's a good start Mister Psycho - but a job in our administration does require a few other qualifications. Let me just verify these:

      Do you have a record of saying flagrantly racist or white-supremacist things in public ? Any kind of formal proof ? An endorsement from a neo-nazi leader or a letter of condemnation from a civil rights leader maybe ?

      Are you opposed to the taste of an old man's rectum ? Would you be unwilling to participate in the daily one-hour ass-kissing ceremony with the president ?

      How are you at telling bald-faced lies to people who can literally SEE the proof of your lie as you tell it ?

      When it's your turn to blow Putin - spit or swallow ? Please note there is only one right answer.

      Any history of involvement with notoriously corrupt multi-nationals ? We're especially keen on Goldman-Sachs graduates.

      How are you at wildly inflammatory and dangerous rhetoric ?

      Any past history of actively trying to undermine or destroy the very office you are now seeking to represent ?

      • Dammit.
        I knew I overlooked something.
        I guess the post will have to go to Ethanol Fueled.
        I was so hoping for a cushy job with great healthcare.

        And I so wanted to use my brand new sledgehammer.
        Guess I'll have to wait....
  • Gotta (Score:2, Interesting)

    fuck over them godless liberal elitists with their internets and their immoral netflix and chill. Do you really think the typical rustbelt, bible-thumper who voted for Trump cares if the internet gets destroyed ?
    Trump could tell them that destroying the internet would make it harder for companies to open factories in other countries and they'll come running into your local starbux tomorrow with a pair of wire-cutters trying to sabotage the wifi.

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