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China Internet Authority Formalizes Regulations For Live-Streaming Industry ( 17

Chinese internet authorities have formalized controversial rules regulating the country's fast-growing live-streaming video industry, in a move that strips out smaller competitors and places hard-line surveillance measures on leading firms. Reuters reports:In an announcement posted on their website on Friday, the Cyberspace Administration of China grouped a handful of earlier restrictions under a final 24-point regulation that will come into effect on Dec. 1. The rules require streaming services to log user data and content for 60 days, and work with regulators to provide information on users who stream content that the government deems threatening to national security or social order. Both users and providers are punishable under the regulations. The law also codifies rules that ban online news broadcasting services from original reporting, requiring them to identify sources and non-selectively reproduce state-sanctioned information.
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China Internet Authority Formalizes Regulations For Live-Streaming Industry

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  • Internet strippers will have to register with the party general secrerary office.

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