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Scammers Use Harvard Education Platform to Promote Pirated Movies ( 27

TorrentFreak reports: Spammers are using Harvard's educational sharing tool H2O to promote pirated movies. Thousands of links to scammy sites have appeared on the site in recent weeks. Copyright holders are not happy with this unintended use and are targeting the pages with various takedown notices. H2O is a tool that allows professors and students to share learning material in a more affordable way. It is a welcome system that's actively used by many renowned scholars. However, in recent weeks the platform was also discovered by scammers. As a result, it quickly filled up with many links to pirated content. Instead of course instructions and other educational material, the H2O playlists of these scammers advertise pirated movies. The scammers in question are operating from various user accounts and operate much like traditional spam bots, offering pages with movie links and related keywords such as putlocker, megashare, viooz, torrent and YIFY.
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Scammers Use Harvard Education Platform to Promote Pirated Movies

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  • TFA says access requires an .edu address. How did spammers get in? Did they hijack student's accounts?
  • The Pirate Movie. Treasure Island. Cutthroat Island. Captain Blood. At least these classics will get the audience they deserve. For too long Pirate movies have fallen under the radar (not the least because Pirates don't have radar). Bringing these movies to a wide audience... hang on... oh waited. Pirate_d_ movies. Well then. Carry on.

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