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New Ransomware-as-a-Service Speaks To Victims ( 40

itwbennett writes: Cerber, a new file-encrypting ransom ware, has a couple of interesting features. First, according to cyber intelligence outfit SenseCy, it is available for sale 'as a service' on a private Russian-language forum, which makes it 'available to low-level criminals who might not have the coding skills or resources to create their own ransom ware,' writes Lucian Constantin. Second, one of the 3 files it drops on a victim's desktop is a VBS (Visual Basic Scripting) file containing text-to-speech code that converts text into an audio message. 'When the above script is executed, your computer will speak a message stating that your computer's files were encrypted and will repeat itself numerous times,' said Lawrence Abrams, administrator of the technical support forum, in a blog post.
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New Ransomware-as-a-Service Speaks To Victims

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    They basically made Clippy for their ransomware...

    It's a friendly thief...

    [tap tap] "Hi, I just encrypted all your files and for the low price of $20 I'll give them back to you (we take paypal!)"

  • The more it changes, the more it is the same.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Say it isn't so...

  • 1) Keep backups.
    2) Don't run Windows.

    Problem solved.


    • 1) Run backups
      2) Verify that they are working on a regular basis
      3) Stay away from Windows

      The second step is the most important. Just having the backup process come back without an error doesn't mean that you are safe. If you can't get your files from a backup then they aren't backed up!

  • thanks slashdot (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward

    i posted this and it had a red icon.... and you chose to promote a duplicate to the frontpage that had a blue rating and also attached a CSOOnline link that did nothing than to hop on the work of Lawrence Abrams from Bleeping Computer... fuck off ... stop promoting that CSSOnline shit already.... do you guys have a contract with IDG or something?

  • by penguinoid ( 724646 ) on Saturday March 05, 2016 @02:06PM (#51644159) Homepage Journal

    Have you heard about the paper-based ransomware that's been going about the USA? It automatically searches for papers containing images of presidents, and locks them up, preventing you from accessing them. It supposedly offers you a way to unlock them again, but in reality that's just a waste of time. It's called the Civil Asset Forfeiture Trojan, and seems to have infested many government agencies.

  • I went into the linked blog post to see what this text-to-speech code (in a vbs script no less!) was all about, and it turns out it's just a couple of lines calling Windows' SpVoice interface []. Quite disappointing.
  • By 2016 ALL software should cater to accessibility needs - regardless of its status malware or not.

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