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WhatsApp Will Get Indicators To Highlight Encrypted Chats ( 27

An anonymous reader writes: WhatsApp 3.0 will come with two privacy-related changes. The first is in the Security section and is in the form of a new setting called "Show security indicators." Turning on this setting will add a lock icon to your WhatsApp whenever you're having encrypted conversations. The second new setting is in the Account section, with the addition of a new option that says "Share my account info." This setting will send the user's WhatsApp data to Facebook servers "to improve [their] Facebook experiences."
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WhatsApp Will Get Indicators To Highlight Encrypted Chats

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  • by gcnaddict ( 841664 ) on Saturday January 30, 2016 @01:26PM (#51403683)
    Facebook'll still be able to read it, so it's probably worthless.
    • Considering 99% of all posts on facebook and chats on whatsapp are generally worthless , that's worthless squared.
  • by Escogido ( 884359 ) on Saturday January 30, 2016 @01:30PM (#51403721)

    this is not a web browser where you have web sites that do not support https, and you have to comply.

    if all users care, then all conversations should be secure, with no opt-out, and no indication is needed. (assuming there is no/really little additional cost to do that.)

    if some users care, then those who care should be able to make all their conversations secure, and those who don't, well, don't need an indicator either.

    is there something I'm missing here? I do not have a WhatsApp account.

    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by softnewsit ( 4396945 )
      As explained in the article. This is a PR move. WhatsApp already sent traffic via encrypted channels, but newly-launched apps advertised themselves as "super-mega-encrypted" and WhatsApp is losing face because it's not. They're just showing an indicator to let you know they're "cool" also.
      • That's surprising because most people who actively use whatsapp don't know and don't care about whatever this "encryption" thing is .
    • I have to admit, I don't use it either, so I'm a bit lost as well.

      I assume, rashly, the communications can either be secure or insecure, which is why you need an indicator. Fair enough. If I care, I will be very happy with the indicator. If I don't care, I will ignore the indicator. So why have a switch to turn the indicator on or off?

    • by allo ( 1728082 )

      iOS does not support encrypted messages, because they do not allow network traffic for apps in the background, except traffic routed via apples servers. So this cannot be encrypted. Whatsapp decided to send it unencryted, because otherwise they could just display "You have 3 unread messages, start the app to see who sent them".

  • Some app gets an update for some feature? Whoo hoo, that certainly is news.

    Wake me up when something happens.

  • Encrypted from which perspective? From the perspective of Facebook? The NSA? A random thief who steals your phone? Somebody shoulder surfing? Pointless. Might as well add an indicator to tell me when the conversation is "wireless".
  • You cannot have privacy or security with proprietary software.

    If you want that, use free software with end-to-end encryption, do not use WhatsApp.

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