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10 People Arrested In the Netherlands For Bitcoin Laundering ( 44

New submitter Incadenza writes: 10 people were arrested in the Netherlands today according to the Public Prosecution Service (In Dutch). The arrests were said to be part of an international investigation, including requests from the USA, Morocco, Australia and Lithuania. Apparently the investigators followed the trace from 'Bitcoin-cashers' (who convert the Bitcoin profits to old money) back to Bitcoin transactions on the Dark Web. How successful this was is yet to be seen, since all the main suspects are said to be 'cashers', not traders.
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10 People Arrested In the Netherlands For Bitcoin Laundering

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  • "old money" (Score:5, Funny)

    by lgftsa ( 617184 ) on Thursday January 21, 2016 @05:06AM (#51342495)

    The new name for "legal tender".

  • Good job, US, AU, and Lithuania, for reaching across the vast expanse of the globe to track down these ten people.

    I've never seen a prosecutor put out a press release that doesn't tout how many MILLIONS OF DOLLARS they've saved or recovered, or what the "street value" (often inflates 4x-10x is) but this time it seems nobody could actually put a value on it?

    Undoubtedly all crime involving Bitcoin will now suffer a big hit. The dark nets are no longer dark. All will be well.

    I can now sleep easier. Come her

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