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Got Malware? The FBI Wants It 93

wiredmikey writes "The FBI has placed malware on its shopping list, and is turning to third parties to help the agency build a massive library of malicious software. According to a 'Request for a Quote' posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the FBI is looking for price quotes for malware for the Investigative Analysis Unit of the agency's Operational Technology Division (OTD). The unit's mission is to 'Provide technical analysis of digital methods, software and data, and provide technical support to FBI investigations and intelligence operations that involve computers, networks and malicious software,' according to the document. The FBI did not say precisely how the malware will be used, but the document calls the collection of malware from law enforcement and research sources "critical to the success of the IAU's mission to obtain global awareness of malware threat.""
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Got Malware? The FBI Wants It

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  • by jkrise ( 535370 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @11:21AM (#46173891) Journal

    I have been reading Slashdot since 1997 or thereabouts. Every single day after 1998; of that I am sure. Even when I went out on vacation; when I got married; when I was convalescing after angioplasty- when I returned to work; I would read every single article; and if interested; the comments as well.

    Some days back, I stumbled onto Slashdot Beta; I felt it sucked, so I came back to the old design. Today when I open any article; the only comments I find are those complaining about Beta. I use Opera for the past 14 years; so I couldn't understand why many readers found it difficult to just get back to Classic.

    Then I started Firefox and opened Slashdot in that. I just couldn't believe the shit I was seeing. The main storythere was about the New Zealand Spy Agency. I carefully looked for 3 more recent stories; and couldnt find them at all. The reason was simple: the top 3 stories were disguised as ads; bcos that's how ads look in the regular site.

    Then I clicked on those stories and tried to comment. Firefox went into a never-ending loop; I waited for 7 minutes, and killed the browser. I gave up on the beta.
    The reasons I visit Slashdot are:
    1% - to look at the ads; and click on them
    5% - to read the stories
    3% - to read the linked artices
    the rest - to read tons of Insightful comments from fellow Slashdotters
    But in the Beta; I couldn't even get to the Comments section on my 6-yr old Compaq laptop after 10 minutes. So I went back to Opera and Classic Slashdot. Already the Snowden article had comments cursing Beta. So I prepared this post in Notepad.

    From now on, I will try for First Post with this one; in every new article.

    Slashdotters I admire very much; and we are very successful people as a rule; minus of course the paid shills. I am sure I will keep this up and burn my karma until everyone else including those not fortunate enough to be using Opera; also stop complaining; and Beta goes away. Like Vista Shitsta; Millennium and Microsoft Bob.


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