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In Greece, 10 Months In Prison For "Blasphemous" Facebook Page 324

First time accepted submitter etash writes "A bit more than a year ago a man was arrested in Greece for satirizing a dead monk, after the far-right party golden dawn, petitioned for his arrest. A couple of days ago he was given a ten-month sentence. What actually enraged the religious Greek blogosphere was not the satire. He wrote a fictitious story about a miracle done in the past by this specific monk. The story was then sent to [a religious blog] and then in a matter of days it was copy pasted and presented as true by most of the religious and far-right blogs and news sites. The final act of the dramedy took place when he came out and revealed that the story was not real; he intended to show the absurdity and the lack of reliability of these sites."
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In Greece, 10 Months In Prison For "Blasphemous" Facebook Page

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 19, 2014 @09:30PM (#46009283)

    By this time, the nightclub's fire alarm had been activated, and, although there were four possible exits, most people naturally headed for the front door through which they had entered. The ensuing stampede led to a crush in the narrow hallway leading to that exit, quickly blocking the exit completely and resulting in numerous deaths and injuries among the patrons and staff.

    Clearly the fault lie to the unsafe design of this nightclub. Exit hallway should be wider. The nightclub administrator were greedy and let in too many customers in for the capacity this building allowed. Overcrowd nightclub is common.

    [...] "falsely shouting fire and causing a panic" could mean that people would die for no other reason than the shouter's grossly irresponsible prank.

    Wrong. The difference here is that the peoples saw the fire and panicked because of the smoke and flame. You know that. When there is a fire alarm, peoples wander around to see what going on and calmly leave just in case. They only panic when they witness is a real fire. Fuck you, fascist enabler.

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