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USPS To Launch Line of Smart Clothing 206

SpaceGhost writes "The Washington Post reports that the United States Postal Service has contracted with Wahconah Group, Inc. to produce a line of USPS-branded smart clothing. Per USPS Licensing manager Steven Mills 'This agreement will put the Postal Service on the cutting edge of functional fashion... The main focus will be to produce Rain Heat & Snow apparel and accessories using technology to create 'smart apparel' — also known as wearable electronics.' USPS Spokesman Roy Betts reports that the line will be found in premium department stores and specialty stores starting in 2014. The Washington Post points out that the USPS had done a similar retail line in the 1980s sold exclusively at Post Offices, but the line was discontinued after lobbyists complained of competition with the private sector." I hope it has hidden pockets for lost letters, and a loop for the package smashing mallet.
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USPS To Launch Line of Smart Clothing

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  • Re:FYI (Score:4, Insightful)

    by drinkypoo ( 153816 ) <> on Thursday February 21, 2013 @02:41PM (#42970157) Homepage Journal

    Is that why mail is so slow? They ship it around the world so cheap labour can maul the packages? Wouldn't it be cheaper to just skip the mauling step?

    It would be cheaper, but it is absolutely essential in order to provide feature-parity with UPS and FedEx. In any case, they must still be using local mallet-smashers for relatively local (regional) mail, because I still get stuff from within the state in two days or less.

  • Re:Hmmm ... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Microlith ( 54737 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @02:42PM (#42970175)

    Why only the Postal Service and no other agency? To make sure Fedex profits stayed high?

    Yes, basically. They did it so that in the event that the USPS fails to meet the unfair obligation the GOP can point to it and cry about how the government fails at all things and that we should put our trust in private industry.

    Up until this was forced on them the USPS was actually doing fine, fulfilling its constitutional obligation.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 21, 2013 @02:57PM (#42970411)

    Actually funding lavish retirement obligations instead of letting unfunded obligations overwhelm the organization and then dumping it on the government.

    That's some seriously evil shit right there. Good thing you pointed it out and farmed a bunch of karma from your well trained statists. Yay.

  • by Darkness404 ( 1287218 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @03:01PM (#42970469)
    Just privatize the USPS or remove the monopoly and let the free market take its course like it should have back in 1844... []
  • Re:FYI (Score:5, Insightful)

    by PopeRatzo ( 965947 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @03:09PM (#42970577) Journal

    Is that why mail is so slow?

    Slow? I can send a five pound text book from Chicago to California in 3-4 days and it's less than $4.

    The Post Office consistently does a better job than FedEx or UPS. That's why when UPS sends stuff, they do it via the US Postal Service.

  • Re:FYI (Score:2, Insightful)

    by fuzznutz ( 789413 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @03:41PM (#42971007)

    The Post Office consistently does a better job than FedEx or UPS.

    I could agree with you if I didn't receive (portions of) mangled letters in plastic baggies with half assed apologies written on the sides. Or just not receive them at all. Or if I didn't regularly receive my neighbors' mail and packages. UPS and FedEx may not be perfect, but at least their tracking software works and I actually GET what is addressed to me delivered to me.

    I had to have two paychecks reissued over the last 12 months because one never arrived and one arrived shredded. That's two out of twelve. I had to request my employer not mail them. (And before you ask, No. Direct deposit is not supported by them. Not that it would excuse it anyway.) And if you want to see Amazon blow their two day shipping, watch when they decide to ship FedEx Smartpost. The USPS leg always misses the deadline.

    And next time you are standing in line at the Post Office, think about how much better it is than standing in line at the UPS Store. You'll have LOTS of time to think about it.

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