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The Web's Worst Privacy Policy 107

Sparrowvsrevolution writes "With much of the web upset over about Google's latest privacy policy changes, it's helpful to remember it could be much worse: A search engine called Skipity offers the world's worst privacy policy (undoubtedly tongue-in-cheek), filled with lines like this: 'You may think of using any of our programs or services as the privacy equivalent of living in a webcam fitted glass house under the unblinking eye of Big Brother: you have no privacy with us. If we can use any of your details to legally make a profit, we probably will.' The policy gives the company the right to sell any of your data that it wants to any and all corporate customers, send you limitless spam, track your movements via GPS if possible, watch you through your webcam, and implant a chip in your body that is subject to reinstallation whenever the company chooses."
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The Web's Worst Privacy Policy

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday January 25, 2012 @06:24PM (#38823133)

    They've always been good at it. They've just been media darlings for so long that they got away with it. But the tide is turning: look at Google Plus Your Search. It's so controversial that Larry Page threatened critical employees that if they didn't like it, they should be working somewhere else.

    Google has become another big corporation never happy with the money it's making. Facebook has replaced email and other aspects of the web, and that threatens Google's advertising dollars, which is over 98% of their revenue source.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday January 25, 2012 @06:38PM (#38823243)

    If you read every website's privacy, usage, terms of use, and every other linked "agreements" every single one without exception has these vague legalese clauses that basically say what this guy says.

    If it were not, you probably would not have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account:

    I deleted my LinkedIn account because they will turn into another FB - only they have a more targeted marketing system.

    Want to market shit to just programmers? LinkedIN

    Accountants? Lawyers? Project Mangers?


  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday January 25, 2012 @07:30PM (#38823647)

    I think the XKCD forum concluded it was most likely a reference to the Heaven's Gate cult


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