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FBI Scolds NASDAQ Over Out of Date Patches 66

DMandPenfold writes "NASDAQ's aging software and out of date security patches played a key part in the stock exchange being hacked last year, according to the reported preliminary results of an FBI investigation. Forensic investigators found some PCs and servers with out-of-date software and uninstalled security patches, Reuters reported, including Microsoft Windows Server 2003. The stock exchange had also incorrectly configured some of its firewalls. NASDAQ, which prides itself on running some of the fastest client-facing systems in the financial world, does have a generally sound PC and network architecture, the FBI reportedly found. But sources close to the investigation told Reuters that NASDAQ had been an 'easy target' because of the specific security problems found. Investigators had apparently expressed surprise that the stock exchange had not been more vigilant."
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FBI Scolds NASDAQ Over Out of Date Patches

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