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Schmidt: G+ 'Identity Service,' Not Social Network 417

David Gerard writes "Eric Schmidt has revealed that Google+ is an identity service, and the 'social network' bit is just bait. Schmidt says 'G+ is completely optional,' not mentioning that Google has admitted that deleting a G+ account will seriously downgrade your other Google services. As others have noted, Somewhere, there are two kids in a garage building a company whose motto will be 'Don't be Google.'"
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Schmidt: G+ 'Identity Service,' Not Social Network

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  • by TheLink ( 130905 ) on Sunday August 28, 2011 @12:10PM (#37234224) Journal

    And in the ultimate ironic hypocracy, the person in charge of G+ and responsible for the real name policy is Vic Gundrota.

    Hypocracy - rule by hypocrites?

  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday August 28, 2011 @03:26PM (#37235628)

    I am so fucking tired of these "it costs you your fucking privacy" comments! Do you think that for one second some goddamned advertising company is thinking "oh, yessssss!!!!! now we've got some fucking private info on this rat-shit asshole in east mother-fucking jabib ohio! We've got him now! I can sell his fucking info to the gubments and they can spy on him while he whacks off!!! we can fucking sell his private info to our advertisers and they can advertise whack-off cream to him. YES!!!!!!!!!! we can fucking sell his info to the insurance companies and they can cancel the fucking bastard due to their "no fucking whack jobs" policy!!! YESS!!!! FUCKING YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!"

    Seriously, it's fucking ridiculous. They just don't fucking care! They're doing what every fucking marketing company has ALWAYS DONE AND STILL DOES! They're trying to target people for their fucking ads! So the fuck what?!?!?!

    "But if they have private info on me then they'll do xxx!" What the fuck do you think they're going to do?!?!?! Advertise to you?!?!?!? You think maybe they'll start advertising porno to you because of all your fucking "selena gomez nude" searches?!?!?! (She's pretty hot in those fake naked pics, by the way)! Then your mom will see the ads and know that you've been whacking off again! God fucking forbid!!!!!

    I would write /rant, but after I submit this I'm still going to be running around my house naked screaming at the top of my fucking lungs about how fucking ridiculous these privacy fucking comments are. fucking morons.

"The vast majority of successful major crimes against property are perpetrated by individuals abusing positions of trust." -- Lawrence Dalzell