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Honeywell To Sell Miami-Dade Police a Surveillance Drone 253

AHuxley writes "The Miami-Dade Police Department recently finalized a deal to buy a 20-pound drone from defense firm Honeywell. The drone can fly for 40 minutes, reach heights of 10,500 feet and cruise in the air at 46 miles an hour. As the Miami-Dade Police Department has recently made a lot of budget cuts, the funding may have come from a federal grant. An eye in the sky like over Iraq and Afghanistan may soon be looking down over South Florida 'to keep people safe.' Honeywell has applied to the FAA for clearance to fly the drone in urban areas."
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Honeywell To Sell Miami-Dade Police a Surveillance Drone

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  • by splatter ( 39844 ) on Friday January 07, 2011 @12:53PM (#34792594)

    Assault on a Police officer with a door knob. Yeah you read that right told Miami police to pound sand at 3 AM after they woke me up talking about a dead body smell (was the refig in the apartment next door which was off and had gone bad) with no warrant. Closed the door and got my ass handed to me when the door knob hit the officer and he claimed I assulted him. Spent the night / next day in MIA prison waiting for bail facing 7 years for assault, & resisting arrest.

    fuck miami, and 'the man' that live there! sorry had to be said.

  • T-Hawk (Score:5, Informative)

    by Frosty Piss ( 770223 ) * on Friday January 07, 2011 @12:57PM (#34792674)
    The drone in question is a "T-Hawk". Seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honeywell_RQ-16_T-Hawk [wikipedia.org]
  • Sensor payload? (Score:4, Informative)

    by Lashat ( 1041424 ) on Friday January 07, 2011 @01:06PM (#34792816)

    I am less worried about flight duration than the sensor payload that Honeywell is installing for Miami-Dade. IR, Thermographic, NightVision, and HD cameras at the very least to make the drone "useful". TFA only mentions "cameras" not what type.

    This statement by police says it all. "It gives us a good opportunity to have an eye up there. Not a surveilling eye, not a spying eye. Let's make the distinction. A surveilling eye to help us to do the things we need to do, honestly, to keep people safe," said Miami-Dade Police Director James Loftus.
    Hmm. "Not a surveilling eye," then "A surveilling eye to help us..." Maybe a typo, but still telling.

    We knew this was coming. http://news.cnet.com/Drone-aircraft-may-prowl-U.S.-skies/2100-11746_3-6055658.html [cnet.com]

    Time to start-up my own residential sheilding supply and installation company. Any investors interested?

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