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WARF and Intel Settle Patent Suit Over Core 2 Duo 79

reebmmm writes "The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) and Intel have settled their patent suit over technology developed by Gurindar Sohi, a computer science professor at the University of Wisconsin — Madison. Professor Sohi developed technology that was ultimately patented by WARF using money he received from Intel. Last month, Judge Barbara Crabb found that the funding agreement was ambiguous, but that e-mails revealed that the money was an unrestricted gift and carried with it no obligation to license or assign any inventions to Intel. Trial was scheduled to begin today. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed."
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WARF and Intel Settle Patent Suit Over Core 2 Duo

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  • So does this mean that paying kickbacks and giving "gift" bribes doesn't entitle you to any legal rights?
  • by fahrbot-bot ( 874524 ) on Monday October 05, 2009 @06:46PM (#29651201)

    The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

    Gets to be in the next Intel "Rock Star" TV commercial instead of that "co-inventor of the USB" poser, Ajay Bhatt [youtube.com]. :-)

  • Assimilate this!
  • by pdxp ( 1213906 )
    I didn't know Klingons had processor patents?!
  • I don't know anything about this Intel case. But I met Dr. Sohi at ISCA 2009, and he's definitely a cool guy and interesting to talk to. The guy really knows his stuff and is highly respected by everyone else in the field.

  • It is funny how things settled out quickly once WARF threatened to whip out the bat'leth and get all mupwI' yI'uchtaH on their ass!

  • i'd pee my pants if i had to go up against the son of Moag and the House of Martok!
  • by DrDitto ( 962751 ) on Tuesday October 06, 2009 @12:22AM (#29653495)
    If anyone cares, the patent deals with memory disambiguation. The basic jist is that it is hard to execute *memory* instructions out-of-order when previous the address computation of previous instructions has not completed (otherwise what would happen if the processor completes a load instruction, out-of-order, for a prior store instruction that did not yet complete due to a dependence on address computation?). Sohi's patent figured out a way to predict this and to allow the Core2 to get much better out-of-order execution.

    Sohi is *highly* respected in the field of computer architecture. In fact Wisconsin is considered one of the best computer architecture schools in the world.
  • And Worf seemed like such an honest guy on TV. Whadda shame.

  • How WARF Works. (Score:5, Informative)

    by bezenek ( 958723 ) on Tuesday October 06, 2009 @03:09AM (#29654183) Journal
    I was a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin for 6 years, during which I was able to work with Guri Sohi as his teaching assistant, in addition to having many stimulating technical discussions.

    WARF (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, warf.org) helps faculty and students patent their ideas and protect the patents. Remember, a patent is only as good as the lawyers who are willing to go to court to defend it--as this WARF v. Intel situation has shown.

    WARF was established in 1925, and helped the University of Wisconsin become one of the first academic institutions to take advantage of the patent system. The patent for including vitamin D in milk was the first big money winner for WARF and the university.

    The system is driven by the inventor. If a faculty member or student has an idea they want to patent, WARF covers the expenses, provides help with prior-art, etc. efforts, and pledges to defend the patent. For this, WARF gets 80% of the patent revenues, which it puts back into research funding for the university. The inventor(s) receive 20% of the revenues. From what I have heard, this is a larger percentage than that given to the inventor at many other institutions.

    • The WARF has brought lots of money to the UW, but they are on the wrong side of patent reform. They put the lie to the UW's supposed liberal ideals, in the name of money. Whenever someone from the UW calls me asking for a donation we have a nice long conversation about it.
  • ...the love child of Worf [offlineadventures.com]* and Barf [zardoz-technomage.es] arguing with Gordon Moore [wikipedia.org] in a court room?
    * Warning: Strong heart required. Not advised for people without eye bleach at hand.

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