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Re-Vote Likely After E-Vote Data Mishandling 172

davecb writes "A California judge is likely to order a Berkeley city initiative back on the ballot because of local officials' mishandling of electronic voting machine data. A recount was not possible because the city failed to share necessary voting records, a violation of election laws. In a preliminary ruling Thursday, Judge Winifred Smith of the Alameda County Superior Court indicated she would nullify the defeat of a medical marijuana proposal in Berkeley in 2004 and order the measure put back on the ballot in a later election."
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Re-Vote Likely After E-Vote Data Mishandling

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  • by khasim ( 1285 ) <> on Wednesday July 18, 2007 @08:48PM (#19909037)

    We need a second party. There is only one ruling party right now.

    If by that you mean "money" which pays "lobbyists" then I will agree.

    Otherwise, no. We have two parties and that makes it too easy for them to run negative campaigns against the other party. You might not have heard of me, but I disagree with everything about THAT candidate the YOU don't like.

    The things he did that you didn't like? I didn't like them either. And when you elect me, I won't do them!

    That is MUCH more difficult when you have to split the campaigning between 2 other parties. Now you have TWO people saying that they don't like the stuff you don't like that that other guy did.
  • by stefanlasiewski ( 63134 ) <slashdot&stefanco,com> on Wednesday July 18, 2007 @08:56PM (#19909097) Homepage Journal
    Irrelevant. State & Federal law override the municipal law. But that has never stopped the People's Republic of Berkeley from making a statement.

    This isn't just about Berkeley making a statement. There are dozens of Cities in California who have voted on similar regulations. Federal law might override municipal law, but the Feds have not closed down all of the Marijuana clubs in California.

    Proposition 215 [], which allows some Medical Use of Marijuana, passed back in 1996. However, the measure left alot of ambiguity, and the State government has never stepped up to clarify some issues.

    Local governments have taken it upon themselves to clarify some of the vague portions. For example, should Marijuana Clubs be allowed only after a public hearing or not? Berkeley's Measure R states that public hearings should not be required. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently passed a law requiring Marijuana Clubs be subject to the same health code as many other businesses, in an attempt to remove some of the scam operations.

  • "do you really want the government dictating the kids you can have? "
    That would never happen, and you totally missed his point.

    "gore's interest in environmental policy is completely self serving. "

    His interest has been there for a very long time, it didn't just appear when he was running for president.
    All politicians are self serving, just like everybody else.

    "i think if he had of won you'd all be in a great deal of trouble."
    haha, what trouble? You mean wose then backing ciompanies that send rotten food to the troops? Worse then attacking a country that had nothing to do with 9/11?
    Worse then the patriot act?
    Worse then a person who believe Christianity is the onlt proper religeon?
    Worse then Cheney?
    Worse then despised by the rest of the world?
    worse then creating a department that grabs people as they wish off the street without cause?
    Worse then twiddling his thumbs while Homeland security completely screwed up after Katrina?
    That's only a small portion. I don't think he would be worse by any stretch of the imagination.

How many NASA managers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? "That's a known problem... don't worry about it."