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Stern Will Jump To Sirius In 2006 511

UnanimousCoward writes "Howard Stern announced it on his current radio show, and several feeds including this CNET article are reporting that Stern has signed a multi-million dollar multi-year contract with Sirius Satellite Radio starting in January, 2006. As I've watched technology grow from the time I was listening to Stern in the eighties, I can't wait to hook into a shockjock-timeshifted-podcast..."
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Stern Will Jump To Sirius In 2006

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  • YRO? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by thewldisntenuff ( 778302 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:22PM (#10454783) Homepage
    And this involves our rights online how? Even with the censorship of Clear Channel and the FCC.....

    We need a simple "Rights" section, although I don't know if this even qualifies for rights period....

    Just news...

    • Re:YRO? (Score:5, Interesting)

      by malchus842 ( 741252 ) <> on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:32PM (#10454868)

      The "Online" might be wrong, but"rights" are surely involved.

      The fact that Stern's show is a major problem for the current nannies in Washington, getting a show on a medium that is subscription only is a big deal. Does it affect my rights? Sure does. My right to listen to what I want to listen to, without government censorship. I don't like Howard Stern, but I like the idea of the government controlling what he can and can't say on the radio a lot less.

      The current rush by the government to "protect us" is just another link in the chain of despotism.

    • SOL (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Doc Ruby ( 173196 )
      Stern is jumping to satellite because the FCC and its christian corporate masters hounded him off FM. So much for free speech - satellite is pay-only. And if you think pay-as-in-beer guarantees free speech, ask the cable channels the FCC is now illegally enforcing into their jurisdictional scope.
  • YRO? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by unlinear ( 235476 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:23PM (#10454794)
    and this is YRO... how?

    I can see the FCC connection, but I doubt that was his main motivation when the words "multi-million dollar" are used.
    • Re:YRO? (Score:3, Interesting)

      by mikio71 ( 642132 )
      Not sure if you have been tuning into the Howard Stern broadcasts since he got taken off Clear Channel, but he has been venting frustration over the fact that he can't do the show that he wants to do without being bleeped off the air. In any case, I'm sure that the money was of interest to him, but from his point of view, he's also taking a huge leap of faith in his listeners that they will all follow him to Sirius Satellite Radio and actually pay his salary too... From my point of view, if you look at pe
  • Regulations? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by rsrsharma ( 769904 )

    Okay, here's the question: Can the FCC fine Sirus stations like they can regular ones? Since it's private, they can't, right?

    • Re:Regulations? (Score:3, Interesting)

      by MBCook ( 132727 )
      I don't think so. The reason they can sue WKRP or whoever is because they are using (renting) the public airways and it's accessable to anyone. So they have limits and fines to protect the innocent (like children).

      But Sirrius is direct. It isn't a broadcast that anyone can pick up, they must have a subscription. So the FCC can't regulate them any more than they can the Playboy channel (and maybe not even then, since I don't think any of their laws mention sat-radio). If you have sat-radio, you are over 18

    • Re:Regulations? (Score:5, Interesting)

      by pauls2272 ( 580109 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:43PM (#10454932)
      Currently they cannot regulate Sirius (or cable). This is actually due to a court decision (Playboy vs US Government).

      However, republicans in congress have been saying that profanity/indecency should not be allowed just because it occurs on cable and that the FCC should have the power to regulate cable (this would also apply to satelite radio).

      Since the republicans control congress, expect to see "child protection" legislation in the next year or so to give the FCC the power to regulate cable.
  • In other news... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Faustust ( 819471 )
    Howard Stern's radio show drops 80% of his male audience ages 18-35.

    I'm thinking this is because you can't really articule a 'blur'
  • FP (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Bababoey! Bababoey! Howards Stern's Penis! Bababoey
  • by wdavies ( 163941 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:23PM (#10454798) Homepage
    On XM Radio [] and its founder. Very interesting discussion of how they are gonna kill the Clear Channel republican monopoly. I for one am almost about ready to go out and buy one even though I cant stand Stern...

  • So ... (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward we will have crap raining from space? Sounds like a solution to the space station junk problem.
  • by Jaywalk ( 94910 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:25PM (#10454809) Homepage
    This may be a good thing for Sirius, but it seems to have made the stock market go stupid. The price of Sirius stock -- already overpriced IMHO -- jumped a billion dollars on the news. Later it dropped to half a billion. but that's still nuts. The Motley Fool [] did an article on it. I don't care for Howard Stern, but even if you think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, what could he possibly say on the radio that would increase the value of the company by that much?
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Perhaps the posibility of attracting his 8 million+ daily listeners.
    • by fire-eyes ( 522894 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:33PM (#10454874) Homepage
      I for one can tell you why. I've been considering satellite radio for a while, though I'd only played with XM. I am not a huge fan of stern, but I do consider his show a core part of my day.

      Stern going Sirius alone, is enough to make me go out and buy a Sirius unit. I am willing to pay.

      I just hope I can get a unit similar to what I can in XM: A unit that transmits to my current head unit, I don't feel like replacing it as I just spent 1300 dollars on a system.
      • by LostCluster ( 625375 ) * on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @07:00PM (#10455082)
        Stern going Sirius alone, is enough to make me go out and buy a Sirius unit. I am willing to pay.

        That is the technical definition of a "killer app". One specific application of a system that is so valuable it justifies the purchase of an entire multi-function system.

        That's why this is big news. Stern has a lot of fans who don't want to lose access to him on a daily basis. Sirius sales will surge during holiday season 2005.
      • Sure. Grab one of the Plug&Play units. It can go to aux-in's on your head unit (if you've got any), or there's some new FM transmitters out there that people have had good success with.

        Here's some of the FM transmitters on Sirius []' website.

        Here's the Plug-n-play [] units.

        Kenwood has some sort of a universal connector unit coming out in the near future.

        I'm not so good a Sirius tech, but some of the people on the forums on SiriusBackstage [] can help you out.
      • I used to be a big Stern fan, and still am, but rarely listen anymore. (Older?)

        Anyway, *Stern* is older now too. His schtick is played out. The show just isn't as funny any more. They're all in their 50s.

        This is Stern's last gasp. And I'm not signing up for any pay radio service, like a slave. Betcha it'll have ads soon enough.
    • His goal is to add 1 million listeners. I got news for you - he's gonna add 3-5 times that many listeners. Everyone I know who loves howard in the morning is already checking out the radio models. Oh, and each subscriber pays $12.99 per month. Do the math. Personally, I can't wait for this.

    • by clf8 ( 93379 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @07:47PM (#10455426)
      What could he say? The same things he's always said. What he can bring, however, is dare I say millions of new subscribers. Stern fans tend to be pretty fervent (as do Stern haters). If 1/10 subscribes to Sirius' service, and 1/100 subscribes to his pay channel (he'll be given 3 channels to program), that will be a great boost. Greater subscriber base gives you greater market clout, more tuner's sold (thus better economies of scale), and to many a key differentiator between Sirius and XM. No one, except maybe Stern himself, can claim this could be a move that makes Sirius THE satellite radio provider, but in the long run, sure, it could be worth a billion.

      "The average morning radio show listener tunes in for 30 minutes. The average Howard Stern fan tunes in for 90 minutes!" "90 minutes?! Why?" "Most common answer, 'I want to hear what he'll say next.'" "But what about the people who hate Stern?" "The average Howard Stern hater listens for TWO HOURS!" "I can't believ this! Why?" Most common answer, 'I want to hear what he'll say next.'"
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:27PM (#10454822)
    ...earlier today the FCC put in an order to Raytheon for 100 ASAT suitable missiles.
    • Leave it to the Republicans to use a nuke to swat a fly.

      There's only three satellites up there that Sirius owns (one's in storage for backup).

      We all know that the Government likes to overdo things, but do you really think 33 missles per satellite (and one extra for good measure) would be required?
  • by pchan- ( 118053 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:27PM (#10454824) Journal
    does this mean that now he can say SHIT, and FUCK, and other such offensive words that us americans are too sensitive to hear? i hope he starts off his new show at sirius with the dirtiest joke ever told on any broadcast medium.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      No responsible American would EVER say SHIT or FUCK. I mean, saying SHIT and FUCK would be irresponsible! Somebody could hear you saying SHIT of FUCK... I mean, can you imagine what would happen if a CHILD hear you saying SHIT or FUCK? Think of the fucking children!

      In summation: Uh... shit fuck shit fuck shit fuck.
    • by yali ( 209015 )
      i hope he starts off his new show at sirius with the dirtiest joke ever told on any broadcast medium.

      You mean, "Ward, don't you think you were a little hard on the beaver last night?" ref []

    • Wow, someone is fleeing to a corporation to escape censorship from the US government. I did not see that one coming. Michael Powell, I hope you are proud of your legacy.
    • Look, what REALLY made Stern popular was the curious balance he had between being married and constantly tempted; between the FCC and finding funny and unique ways to get around the rules. What has happened now is that all of what made him a unique curiousity is going away. His indulgence is going to ruin him and cause him to lose an audience.

      His marriage is done, and for most of his listeners, sex isn't much of a mystery anymore. This was one item that a lot of both women and men admired him for - the fac
  • Free Now. Pay Later (Score:5, Interesting)

    by troutster ( 817892 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:27PM (#10454827)
    Swansong for Stern. I doubt as many of Stern listeners as predicted will plunk down their hard earned cash to listen to him. He is definetly #1 now, but that is sure to disappear once you have to pay to listen.
  • by MtViewGuy ( 197597 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:28PM (#10454836)
    There are a couple of issues that have to be considered now that Howard Stern will become a Sirius satellite-only show:

    1. Will fans pony up the big bucks for a Sirius satellite radio receiver and pay the monthly fee just to hear Stern? Remember, unlike XM satellite radio, Sirius is still quite rare as pre-installed on new cars.

    2. Will Stern be unfettered by censorship and take the show to extremely raunchy levels of sexual descriptions and use of raunchy language?

    Despite Sirius getting NFL broadcasts, they're still way behind XM in terms of public recognition.
    • by Misch ( 158807 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:48PM (#10454984) Homepage
      1. The number of auto manufacturers that have Sirius as factory installed is increasing [].

      SIRIUS' exclusive automotive partners DaimlerChrysler, Ford and BMW represent over 40% of new cars and light trucks sold annually in the United States. Automotive brands currently offering SIRIUS radios in select new car models include BMW, MINI, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeepâ, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Audi, Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. Automotive brands that have announced plans to offer SIRIUS radios in select models include Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover and Aston Martin. In 2004, SIRIUS radios are expected to be available in nearly 80 different car models, with over 50 of them factory programs. Also Hertz currently offers SIRIUS in 29 vehicle models at 53 major locations around the country. In addition, Penske Companies - Penske Auto Group, United Auto Group and Penske Trucking - are offering SIRIUS radios as a factory installed option, where available, in their cars and trucks through their dealerships.

      2. The safe answer is "yes" because of Sirius' advertising slogan: "Censorship_OFF []"

      XM beat Sirius to the starting gate, but Sirius is gaining ground quickly. According to their CEO, Sirius is slated to hit 1 million subscribers before years' end. This announcement was made well before Howard Stern was signed.

      Sirius is the better value, IMHO (Note: Biased, I'm a subscriber)

      Sirius: $12.95/Month
      65+ Commercial Free music channels.
      Sports, Talk, Weather
      Free on-line music streaming
      All NFL games
      NBA (up to 40 games/week)
      NHL (up to 40 games/week, if they get off their asses.)
      Some college sports
      Starting Jan 2, 2006, Howard Stern

      XM: Base $9.95/month
      68 Music Channels (up to 2 minutes commercials/hour)

      Opie & Anthony (additional $1.99/month)
      Playboy Radio (Additional $1.99/month)
      On-Line streaming music (Additional $3.99/month)
  • by Bruha ( 412869 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:30PM (#10454844) Homepage Journal
    With the recent announcements of big name talk show hosts including stern going to sirius I'm becoming a little irritated with XM's love fest with the automobile industry. I cant get a Sirius module for my stereo so it's all intergrated and would be forced to buy a stand alone unit to plug into the aux jack..

    However this is good news for sirius.
  • How I See It (Score:5, Interesting)

    by MBCook ( 132727 ) <> on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:30PM (#10454850) Homepage
    Let me start off by saying I don't support shock jocks and I've never listened to Stern.

    OK, that out of the way, here is how I see it. First of all, it's a very novel solution to this whole "FCC is censoring people" stuff (which I don't believe, but that's a matter of opinon). I never would have thought of that. I wonder if any other shock jocks follow suit. Makes sense though. XM has a Playboy channel (I have no idea what's on it), so obviously they aren't subject to those kinds of fines. I wonder how substantially his program will change now that he's free to say and do whatever he wants. And I wonder if Sirrius will have any kind of limits or leash on what he can do.

    As for moving to Sirrus, they've got to love that. As the article says, their stock jumped 15%. While I've never listened to Stern, the fact that I know who he is without having to read an article or something like that says he's popular (or contravertial, but in this case both). I bet this will do some great things for Sirrus's membership (although it might drive a few away on idological grounds, but I doubt more than a handfull). I have to wonder if there was any kind of bidding war between Sirrus and XM (which my family has a subscription to). I would think having a radio celeb go sat-radio only would be something XM would have liked to be a part of. This should also lend an air of credibility to the idea of sat-radio, if a big star did this.

    On a side note, YRO never seems to have anything to do with Online any more. Why not just rename it "Your Rights"? Just a thought. Don't bother commenting on this part.

    • And I wonder if Sirrius will have any kind of limits or leash on what he can do.

      I'm pretty sure they'll limit him a bit, if only for public perception. Look at cable TV, they have very very little restrictions on what they can and can't show compared to broadcast tv, but they self censor to keep their public image up.
    • Re:How I See It (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Fnkmaster ( 89084 )
      I wonder if any other shock jocks follow suit.

      Please don't feed Howard's ego. He *IS* the one following suit. Opie and Anthony, who were kicked off the air 2 years ago, just came back and started their show up again as of 3 days ago, with XM radio (after their old contract expired). Stern did this because he's afraid because they're up in the morning now against him, and will have reach to all markets in the nation. Yes, he has a larger listenership than O&A did for their afternoon show at its pe

      • Stern will innovate Satellite radio just because he's going to bring so many people over to it, it's going to become a major force.

        Opie and Anthony don't have nearly the same sized following.

        Stern has been talking about the FCC and censorship since the Janet Jackson incident and has been getting fined. He's been talking about satellite radio for a while now. I highly doubt Opie and Anthony has anything to do with it.
    • Re:How I See It (Score:3, Interesting)

      by autopr0n ( 534291 )
      OK, that out of the way, here is how I see it. First of all, it's a very novel solution to this whole "FCC is censoring people" stuff (which I don't believe, but that's a matter of opinon).

      WTF are you talking about? It's not an "opinion" that the FCC is censoring people, it's a fact.
    • Re:How I See It (Score:4, Insightful)

      by ejaw5 ( 570071 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @08:47PM (#10455840)
      (although it might drive a few away on idological grounds, but I doubt more than a handfull).

      That's the problem with people around here. What's so hard about "Don't like it, change the bloody channel". And for all the won't-someone-please-think-of-the-children folks, enlighten your kids why you're changing the bloddy channel.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    This might move me to buy a Sirius box.

    The Stern show, despite all the acres of whining you'll see posted here in the next hour, is entertaining. It's genuinely entertaining, and it's on for 4-5 hours a day during what is usually a miserable commute for a couple hundred million people.

    It's astonishing how many people will latch on to Tipper Gore's bleatings from a decade ago in order to think that they're somehow more moral than thou based on the radio they listen to.

    So you don't listen to Howard Stern.
  • A good reason not to subscribe to Sirius Satellite Radio........
    • Okay, then skip XM while you're at it, since they've got shock-jocks Opie & Anthony of their own.

      In the meantime, those Sirius subscribers can find something else to listen to on one of the other hundred or so Sirius stations. mmmkay?

  • When I first read the headline to this article I thought it was going to be Howard Stern was Paying Rutan a bunch of money to become the first civilian launched to star Sirius!
  • by zors ( 665805 )
    ...I'll be using XM then. Shock jocks like howard give free speech a bad name...

    For all you reactionaries out there, no, i would never suggest strict censorship over stern, nor anyone else. Now getting him cancelled because it's a stupid show, that i'd be behind that all the way.
    • Mmmhmmm (Score:2, Insightful)

      by sethadam1 ( 530629 ) *
      Thta's your right as a consumer, go ahead and exercise it.

      I expect you're the type who thinks that ANYTHING he doesn't like is stupid. And the millions who make Stern #1 in almost every market across the US, they must be stupid blue collar shitheads, right?

      You know, it's idiotic shit like this that makes me nuts about America. Just because you don't like something doesn't make it offensive, doesn't mean it should be outlawed, and doesn't mean it's "stupid." You should be RALLYING for Stern to stay on t
      • Re:Mmmhmmm (Score:2, Funny)

        by rackhamh ( 217889 )
        And the millions who make Stern #1 in almost every market across the US, they must be stupid blue collar shitheads, right?

        Not at all. However, they are *bleep!*ing *bleep!*heads.
      • Re:Mmmhmmm (Score:4, Insightful)

        by Brandybuck ( 704397 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @07:00PM (#10455086) Homepage Journal
        You know, it's idiotic shit like this that makes me nuts about America.

        Why don't you go back and read his post? He isn't saying anything about banning Stern, outlawing Stern, or sending the 82nd Airborne down on Stern's ass. All he is saying is that he doesn't want to listen to Stern.

        What's idiotic is people like you ranting and raving about our diminishing freedom of choice every time someone makes a choice different from yours. You can be for the decriminalization of marijuana without being a pothead. Really!
      • Re:Mmmhmmm (Score:3, Insightful)

        I expect you're the type who thinks that ANYTHING he doesn't like is stupid.

        No, I think he just has taste.

        And the millions who make Stern #1 in almost every market across the US, they must be stupid blue collar shitheads, right?

        Do you seriously think that the vast majority of Stern listeners are part of the higher end of the scale in intelligence?

        Maybe there is some craving among the professionals of the world for his brand of low-brow humor, but I doubt it.

        I mean, really, Stern is pretty damn st

    • Then how do you feel about XM's shock-jocks Opie & Anthony []?

      Oops... won't be subscribing to XM either I guess?
  • It appears he'll get paid whether or not he attracts new listeners.
  • Here's what I said earlier:

    "Over the last couple of years the Howard Stern show has become a staple of the morning, as common as my cup of coffee. So it's sad to hear that at the end his contract, my man Howard will be moving to Sirius radio. At $12.99 a month I'm not sure I want to take that on, plus I have to buy a weird radio with an antenna I have to lug around.

    I blame it on the FCC, and I fail to see how a show that's been on the air for over 20 years is suddenly indecent. We, the people own the
  • Sirius? (Score:5, Funny)

    by ornil ( 33732 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:38PM (#10454908)
    Stern Will Jump To Sirius In 2006

    You know, even if he jumps to Alpha Centauri, not many of us would miss him.
  • Has Howard Stern done anything since he had that movie about himself? I mean, seriously, who do you shock? Hooray, he gets on "uncensored" radio. It's just going to end up a radio version of Meh.
  • Now I have a reason to get Satelite 2006 ;)
  • People like Stern have to move to pay radio or face the arbatrary wrath of the Fedrel Censorship Commision. XM radio and Sirrus are free of the thumb of Michael Powell for the moment. (I am sure he will find some excuse to regulate them.)

    From what programming I have heard on XM, I may have to subscribe. The radio comedy broadcasts alone are worth the money. (They run Firesign Radio, National Lampoon Radio Hour, Dr. Demento and more.)

    I guess the only thing that stops me is that it would cut into my BBC
  • by waynegoode ( 758645 ) * on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @06:44PM (#10454942) Homepage
    Howard Stern is jumping to Sirius? Alright!

    No, hold on... You mean the satellite service.

    Never mind...

  • There is still an XM ad on his webpage...
  • As a fan who listens to him every morning, TiVo's his E! show and goes to his Las Vegas Show every year to see him live; I welcome Stern moving to a form where no one can or will censor him. Let's face it, he is being targeted because he is Stern. The Stern Wannabe's get away with a lot more than he has ever tried, especially Latino radio (They do stuff that Stern would get multimillion dollar fines for).

    All I know is, come X-Max of 2005, this kid is asking for a Sirius radio player.
  • Aside from the NFL stuff they have, the music channels are pretty cool, the talk shows are cool, the service has been working great.

    I think that this will do quite a bit to draw customers to them. THe Sirius units aren't that expensive. I spent $69.99 on one at Best Buy (Kenwood home unit) and it's been great for me.

    They're also offering lifetime subscriptions right now, so if you don't like the monthly fee, there's another option.
  • by geekoid ( 135745 )
    this is entertainment news.
  • The King is Dead (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Doc Ruby ( 173196 ) on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @07:06PM (#10455134) Homepage Journal
    Long live the King. Ever since I first started listening to Stern on AM NYC radio in the 1980s, his arrival has been followed quickly by the demise of the medium, usually drowned in a sea of rightwing mediocrity. AM, FM drivetime, cable talkshow simulcasts, even the movies have seemed to go even further downhill since _Private Parts_, and the book's publication was part of paper publishing's deathrattle. I like Stern, and though many people think he's the Death of All Media (tastewise), I think he exploits each medium he conquers in new, unforseen ways (except the book, which was just funny). But apparently his (mostly rightwing) opponents seem to think "if that fool can do it bad, I can do it good", and then overrun his new territory. So does this latest announcement certify satellite radio's 2007-8 expiration date?

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