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Spammer Hangout's Membership Roster Left Exposed 691

MikeCapone writes "According to an article at Wired News, spammers feel the need to be part of a community too. The Bulk Club is one such community. A message on the site states that it offers, for a $20 monthly fee, a variety of how-to articles, spamming software, a members' message board area, and 300,000 FRESH e-mails/week. Unsurprisingly, the 'Law & Ethics' section is 'Members Only.' The good part is that, because of a glitch, the membership list of this charming organization was left exposed on the website."
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Spammer Hangout's Membership Roster Left Exposed

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  • by Dancin_Santa ( 265275 ) <> on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:53PM (#6855800) Journal
    Maybe they'd be interested in some anti-spam software.
  • by mao che minh ( 611166 ) * on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:54PM (#6855810) Journal
    So, 150 spammers huh? I think I'll opt for the HK MP5 []. Each magazine can hold 32 bullets, which means I'll need 19 fully loaded magazines, or 192 bullets. I figure that I will need this much ammunition because in my zest filled murderous glee I am likely to waste at least four bullets on each spammer, since the intense joy that I will have while firing said bullets in their direction will cause me to miss at least 75% of the time. I think I will also make use of the 10mm automatic cartridges, which deliver up to twice the muzzle energy of the standard 9mm shell (I aim for optimal terminal effect).

    Make no mistake, my aim will prove true. I should have this whole "spam" ordeal cleared up by late September.

    *as a side note, it wouldn't hurt to sign up and learn how your enemy thinks, and how he employs his tactics. Before you gun him down like a dog in the street, that is.

  • hosting sites (Score:4, Interesting)

    by confusion ( 14388 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:54PM (#6855817) Homepage
    I'd be interested in seeing the list of bulk friendly isp's :)
  • Great quote: (Score:5, Informative)

    by Saint Aardvark ( 159009 ) * on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:54PM (#6855819) Homepage Journal
    Spam? UCE? Opt-In? Double Opt-In?

    What's the difference between these remarkle advertising vehicles? Don't be left without the proper knowledge when sending out your offering to the masses. Along with our other various How Tos, learn the difference before any mailing.

    I have never felt so good to be part of the Slashdot effect.

    BTW, as pointed to in the article, a list of members was posted to Usenet [] w/a list of memberships. There was also a link to an archive of the contents of the site; here's a link: []

    and a mirror: m/ []

    A list of the files in the archive can be found here: m/contents.txt []

    Grab a copy and post your own links!

    • by Ichijo ( 607641 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:24PM (#6856040) Journal
      I have never felt so good to be part of the Slashdot effect.
      I'm still waiting for someone to write a non-virus, volunteer-based DDOS client with a voting system.
    • Re:Great quote: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by notque ( 636838 )
      Google Search for number 1 gives....

      "From Sat Jul 08 22:45:07 2000
      Received: from [] by (3.2) with ESMTP id MHotMailBB315BF2000FD82197D9D0C6E3730D930; Sat Jul 08 22:43:18 2000
      From: "Drew Auman"
      Subject: Hi
      Mime-Version: 1.0
      Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
      Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 01:37:09


      349 MILLION people online are awaiting your offer ! Check This Out !

      Have you seen the new bulk email software? You DO NOT NEED anyone elses mail
  • by Quixo-tastic ( 663394 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:55PM (#6855823)
    They're not /.ed yet. You call that clicking?
  • Haiku (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:55PM (#6855827)
    Agony, pain, burning, acid
    Slow death too good for spammer
    May spam penis shrink
  • Well now... (Score:3, Funny)

    by The Tyro ( 247333 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:56PM (#6855835)
    The shoe is on the other foot, isn't it? That was certainly a fortunate glitch.

    I wonder how the spammers feel now that their personal information and identity is being passed around the internet. I wonder if they are receiving "unsolicited" email.

    • 1) start spammer freindly chat room
      2) wait for membership to build trust
      3) "Accidentally" post membership on slashdot.
      4) submit private e-mail addresses to other spammers.
      5) repeat. no rest for the wicked.

      but seriously, do you think that maybe these spammers are really sort of victims of a multi-level marketing scam themselves. "here for 300$ you can buy this software and a list of names that will get you started in the exciting field of spamming.
      you will own these lists and software with the righ
    • " I wonder if they are receiving "unsolicited" email."

      I'd be much happier if they were receiving "unsolicited" bullets through their windows.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:56PM (#6855839)
    "The good part is that, because of a glitch, the membership list of this charming organization was left exposed on the website."

    [The theme to Jaws starts playing]
  • Oh ho ho! (Score:3, Interesting)

    by MoeMoe ( 659154 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:57PM (#6855850)
    The hunters now become the hunted :)

    Think about how many different ways this benefits email users around the world... We now have a portal into the world of these deviants (I love that word). Give me one address, just one address... They don't know what SPAM really is yet... Let alone the true meaning of /. hehehe

    Seriously, I'm sure that atleast a few million people are going to have less spam tomorrow after this :)

    Thank you Dr. Slashdot!
  • Naughty! (Score:5, Funny)

    by AndroidCat ( 229562 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:58PM (#6855852) Homepage
    You know, snooping around a spammers site looking for open files is really fighting abuse with abuse and .. *sporf!* I can't keep typing this without busting a gut! Bwahahaha!
    • Re:Naughty! (Score:5, Insightful)

      by marko123 ( 131635 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:07PM (#6855932) Homepage
      There is an ethical justification in being given no option (by the enemy) to defend yourself in ways other than using unethical means in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. These particular types of enemy tend to be called "truly evil" because they make you break your own morals to fight them.

      e.g. having to shoot a person so that he doesn't shoot you.

      "Turn the other cheek" doesn't cut it with certain types of enemies. They know this, and you know this.

  • by tessaiga ( 697968 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:58PM (#6855854)
    one of those ubiquitous email harvester bots ran into the exposed membership list :)
  • Hypocrisy (Score:5, Funny)

    by splinterBR ( 452234 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:58PM (#6855855) Homepage
    Hey, I love their little notice:

    The Bulk Club does not promote any portion of this site via bulk email period. It is against our hosting providers terms of service to do so and we will not tolerate anyone who abuses these rules on our web site.

    The club for spammers hates spam???
  • by 56ker ( 566853 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:58PM (#6855856) Homepage Journal
    FREE Email Account Companies YES
    FREE Autoresponder Companies YES
    FREE Online Storage Companies YES
    FREE URL Redirection Companies YES
    FREE Web Templates YES
    Able to withstand slashdotting NO
  • But hey! (Score:5, Funny)

    by Geekenstein ( 199041 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:58PM (#6855858)
    That popup window says we can join their mailing list for FREE!

    *signs up his boss*
  • by Alizarin Erythrosin ( 457981 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:59PM (#6855866)
    From the article:
    In an e-mail interview, Auman said that the club was dedicated to promoting "responsible" business practices and that it offers information about misleading tactics used by some spammers simply to show why they are improper.

    Now, I hate spam and spammers with a passion, but I must admit that the subject lines and stuff I've been getting recently are a lot more appropriate. At least the spam I get, they aren't trying to hide it anymore with stuff like "Re: Your bank account" or "Re: Tech support" and it's about debt management or a second mortgage or my wang. Too bad that their "responsible business practices" include articles about spoofing (probably about spoofing emails and forging headers) and harvesting emails ("opt-in" my ass).

    But anyways... down to the real reason I posted. Did anybody manage to get any info about addresses, telephone numbers, etc? I have a baseball bat and some free time in the mornings before work... and late nights are free too! DId I mention I live in Florida, just like this guy:

    Among the Bulk Club's list of 159 "active members" was Damon Decrescenzo, one of the operators of Rockin Time Holdings, a Florida junk e-mailer sued by Microsoft in June and by Amazon this month.

    I have responsible business practices too! I am responsible for alot of death and destruction...
  • Spam Nazis (Score:5, Funny)

    by Bishop923 ( 109840 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:59PM (#6855869)
    According to the Bulk Club's member roster, other subscribers include John Milton, an alias used by Davis Wolfgang Hawke, a former neo-Nazi who became a penis-pill spammer.

    Funny how the transition from Neo-Nazi to Spammer doesn't seem like much of a jump...
  • Shhhhhh. (Score:5, Funny)

    by niko9 ( 315647 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @10:59PM (#6855873)
    Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting spammers.
  • Free zipped copies of

    The membership list only has names, but no doubt a bunch of them can be traced to single spammers.

    There is the downside of not knowing which are real spammers and which are just working to become spammers, but both are pretty bad.

    One of the members appears twice. I wonder if they double-paid.
  • The worst part of working at a job where I use a Windows box is I can't ssh to my Mac and set a cron job to accidentally curl their whole site every minute. And to think, /dev/null on my box at home is just screaming "Feed me with wasted bandwidth from spammers!"
  • How generous... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by magarity ( 164372 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:02PM (#6855891)
    Again, receiving no commission or kick back for listing them. We are here for you and you only. We are not here to tout a company to receive a kick back. Just giving as accurate information as humanly possible so to help your business make it big.

    Wow, I'm glad that they are so fair minded and humanitarian as to only be here for me. In that case, please STOP BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM.

    It's only the second day of the month and my spam filter reports I've already received 75 spams wasting half a megabyte of my ISP's bandwidth. For anyone interested, my ISP has a great spam filtering service; I hardly ever actually get any spams falling through to my in box. You can check it out at this URL:
  • by Hiigara ( 649950 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:03PM (#6855893)
    This popup appeared.

    "The Bulk Club Mailing List
    Join our mailing list for FREE!

    Bulk Email Industry News Alerts
    Free Tips & Tricks
    Updated Bulk Club News
    and more..."

    Now how stupid do they think we are?
  • by blueforce ( 192332 ) <clannagael&gmail,com> on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:09PM (#6855940) Homepage Journal
    I already have all of those email addresses - they're right there at the top of my emails......the "from" address right?
  • what to do (Score:3, Funny)

    by alphax45 ( 675119 ) <kyle.alfred@gm[ ].com ['ail' in gap]> on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:10PM (#6855951)
    Burning too goo for em,
    hanging's too good for em,
    they should be chopped up into itty bitty peices and burried alive!!
    Why don't we just throw "spam" at their houses till the give up? I'm sure the hot florida/california sun will make a great smelling house :)
  • My spam solution (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Felinoid ( 16872 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:16PM (#6855986) Homepage Journal
    Forget "Don't send" lists.
    To enforce industry responsability do a national "must include" list.

    Liccens spammers AND every spammer must be on the must include list AND spam to everyone on the must include list.

    Here is where the fun begins.
    Also on the must include list are spam scounts that track the latest spam to update spam filters.
    But it get's better.
    Also added to the list is fedral observers who check up to be sure all spam is being sent to the must spam list.

    As a member of the must spam list you can opt out IF the spammer honnors the opt out system. Of course opt out to be required.

    Fedral agents will randomly test opt outs, randomly test the list.

    and the e-mail address given for the "must spam" list must be actively read by the spammer. A fedral agent will occasionally contact the spammer at the address to be sure the spammer is still reading his e-mail if not he must pay a hefty fine and repeated offenses msy cost him his liccesn.

    This should inspire spammers to police themselfs quite well and do something about the worst spam tactics.
  • by Anonvmous Coward ( 589068 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:18PM (#6855994)
    I'm a little surprised nobody pointed out that their webserver is running on Windows 2000 + IIS 5.

  • Whois Search (Score:3, Informative)

    by ZackSchil ( 560462 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:24PM (#6856037)
    Who is the Bulk Club? I dunno, you tell me whois! By the way, I'd rather not call that phone number, can anyone confirm if it is fake or not? Last time I checked, 666 was not a local prefix.

    The Bulk Club LLC
    The Bulk Club LLC The Bulk Club LLC
    3867 W. Market St #272
    Akron, OH 44333
    Phone: 330-666-7625

    Registrar Name....:
    Registrar Whois...:
    Registrar Homepage:

    Domain Name: THEBULKCLUB.COM

    Created on..............: Thu, Aug 29, 2002
    Expires on..............: Sun, Aug 29, 2004
    Record last updated on..: Tue, Aug 26, 2003

    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    The Bulk Club LLC
    The Bulk Club LLC The Bulk Club LLC
    3867 W. Market St #272
    Akron, OH 44333
    Phone: 330-666-7625

    Domain servers in listed order:

    NS0000.4AMDNS.COM -
    NS5.4AMDNS.COM -
  • by cluge ( 114877 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:33PM (#6856093) Homepage
    How many of the "memebers" are actually anti-spam people sniffing around to see who the spammers are? Then again, most fo the anti-spam community is smart enough to use a throw away e-mail address for this sort of thing.

    Seriously - to help eliminate the innocent bystander from the spammer who needs to be whacked , start by sending an e-mail.

    To: Direct Marketing Vendor
    From: Important Sounding Title

    Dear Sir,

    I need you to help me kick off my marketing campaign by sending my message out to 31 million targeted clients. I will pay you 150,000 USD for this service. If you are interested, then please send your company name, a contact name, phone number and address so that I can have a contract drawn up. We will also need to have the name of your bank, and the address of the branch that you use for our contract as well. Please no account numbers, we only need to get the bank name and branch!

    Important Sounding Title Goes here

    Wait for reply - post reply to slashdot/usenet/etc
    include all e-mail headers and or phone

    Constantly remind people that :
    A. No one will protect your from these spammers

    B. No one will help you pay for the damages they cause.

    C. No one will give you back the time that SPAM has wasted in your life.

    Show up at the eventual fire with a can of gasoline.

    Now go off half cocked, see if I care!
  • by banky ( 9941 ) <> on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:35PM (#6856104) Homepage Journal
    After all, The First Rule of Bulk Club is, You do not talk about Bulk Club.
  • by jcr ( 53032 ) <jcr.mac@com> on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:39PM (#6856126) Journal
    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
    [snippage] ...
    17 ( 62.364 ms 62.466 ms 62.264 ms
    18 ( 62.9 ms 62.795 ms 62.734 ms
    19 ( 159.064 ms 69.802 ms 199.813 ms
    20 ( 64.008 ms 63.91 ms 64.375 ms
    21 ( 64.948 ms 65.241 ms 64.86 ms

    ValueNet... I seem to recall that domain from a few other traces of spammer's web hosts. Hat check, anyone?

  • by MoeMoe ( 659154 ) on Tuesday September 02, 2003 @11:53PM (#6856216)
    Well while we're on the subject of revenge served cold... **Oops! SPAM SITES LIST []**

    Seems I accidentally dropped a link... No what can we do to slashd- I mean 'fix' that?
  • Speaking of Spam (Score:4, Interesting)

    by sinjayde ( 661825 ) on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @12:06AM (#6856303)
    Speaking of spam, yesterday I submitted a story to /. which was published. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to include my email address in the story. Today I had over 100 virus' and spam sent to me, whereas in the last 3 months of using the address, I have had 0 spam. Just a warning to anyone else who wants to submit an article. I also wrote an email to Rob about this asking that a warning be put on the submission page about using email addresses on the site.
  • Whois (Score:3, Funny)

    by ruiner13 ( 527499 ) on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @12:20AM (#6856368) Homepage
    Funny how their phone prefix is 666... wonder if that is real?
    The Bulk Club LLC
    The Bulk Club LLC The Bulk Club LLC
    3867 W. Market St #272
    Akron, OH 44333
    Phone: 330-666-7625


    DNS servers:

    NS5.4AMDNS.COM 203.199.3113.19
  • by justMichael ( 606509 ) on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @12:25AM (#6856391) Homepage
    If you want to get rid of the spammers you are going to need to get rid of companies like this []

    If they can't just point and click there will be a lot less spammers just trying to make a quick buck.
  • Terrorist Cell (Score:3, Insightful)

    by mabu ( 178417 ) on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @12:44AM (#6856477)
    What is interesting is that if this site/membership list had any relation to Islamic terrorist organizations, the argument over whether people were guilty by association wouldn't even come up.

    Ironically, I'd argue that more people are terrorized by spam.
  • Ouch (Score:3, Funny)

    by theolein ( 316044 ) on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @12:49AM (#6856499) Journal
    In the linked article on the wired site to the ex-neonazi pushing penis pills, it claimed that 6000 people casually gave their credit card details over a non secure link to a site with no contact address or telephone number. Given this level of stupidity, I can actually see the value of spamming.

    Off to start my own business: Auto-Wank, the sucker for suckers! :O
  • by darnok ( 650458 ) on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @02:43AM (#6856823)
    It's a slow, quiet day - one of those where the afternoon drags on and on and on - so I log into Slashdot.

    Bingo! A gaggle of spammers exposed to the public eye! I start scrolling through the discussion, my heart filled with glee at the wizard japes my fellow /.'ers will be indulging in at this very moment.

    Bzzzt! All that's there is several variations on a wget script, pointers to a few last-known home addresses, pointers to lists of users etc. All good, solid work, but nothing that's going to get you bonus marks.

    Students, here's your work assignment for the next 30 minutes: I want to see Slashdot subjects like "Their hosting service has now lost power", "Just sent 50 tonnes of dung to this guy's home address", "Just ordered 5000 pizzas sent to this guy's house", "Server is now engulfed in flame - I've seen it!", "This guy's credit history has now been destroyed", "Hosting computer room now under 18 inches of water", and so on.

    This assignment will form a SIGNIFICANT component of your end-of-year grade. Any references supplied will be checked; photographic evidence should be supplied where available.

    Thanks for your attention, and good luck in your endeavours
  • Amazing. (Score:3, Funny)

    by Queuetue ( 156269 ) <> on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @04:48AM (#6857118) Homepage
    I now get why spamming is so profitable - I may try it myself. If you use thier handly-dandy "power of numbers" calculator, you can see that:

    If I send a million mails for something that I make a 50 dollar markup on, I'm instantly 250k richer, in thier "worst" scenario!

    If I send the mail to a billion people instead, then I just made enough money so my great-great-great-great grandkids can retire.

    If I send it to 100 BILLION email addresses, then hey - I'm one of the richest men in the world. In fact, I may just generate a few hundred billion email addresses on this box right here, and send them all a mail.

    See you, suckers - I'm off to spam my way to the top!
  • by babbage ( 61057 ) <> on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @06:57PM (#6863913) Homepage Journal

    Their site seems to be kaput. How said.

    Oh well, we all know they'll reconstitute themselves like the amoebas they are.

    Let's offer them a new home page for next time around.










    Just kidding!









    They can just feel free to save that as their index.html if they want. :-)

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