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Fake Mt. Gox Pages Aim To Infect Bitcoin Users 74

Posted by timothy
from the gathering-their-magic dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Mt. Gox is the the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world, and as such it and its users are being repeatedly targeted by attackers. Some two months ago, it battled a massive DDoS attack that was likely aimed at destabilizing the virtual currency and allow the criminals to profit from the swings. Now, according to Symantec researchers, the criminals have turned to spoofing Mt. Gox' site and tricking its customers into downloading malware — the Ponik downloader Trojan, which is also able to steal passwords."
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Fake Mt. Gox Pages Aim To Infect Bitcoin Users

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday June 06, 2013 @08:56AM (#43924107)

    We've already had Apple vs. Samsung this week, plus the oblig swipe at Windows, so tomorrow, it must be another Rasperry Pi story, eh?

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Gox gives a free yubi to anyone with more then loose change in there. Last time I looked, malware don't work on 2factor...

  • well unfortunately (Score:5, Insightful)

    by slashmydots (2189826) on Thursday June 06, 2013 @09:23AM (#43924373)
    Unfortunately, almost all bitcoin users are a lot smarter than that. If their browser's security features, their antivirus, and their common sense don't all tip them off that it's not the real MTGox, they probably shouldn't be bitcoin users.
    • by medv4380 (1604309)
      Unfortunately, almost all bitcoin users have a persistent internet connection, and are being targeted. There isn't a Security Feature, Anti-Virus, or any other nonsensical "common sense" measure you can take. At some point you're going to slip up, and a virus is going to get in, or a new unpatched vulnerability will get you. Now if only I can find some fool to but these "offline" only bitcoins.
      • by BlueMonk (101716)

        Yeah, but that's not news. All Windows users (and some others) have long been targets of virus and other malware attacks against which the many available defenses are not always 100% effective. Nothing new there. You don't have to be a bitcoin user to be the kind of target you're describing.

        • by medv4380 (1604309)
          I was only replying to someone with the naive notion that "bitcoin" users were magically immune.
          • by BlueMonk (101716)

            They do have a point, though, that the average bitcoin user is probably less susceptible than the average overall user to phishing attacks because most phishing attacks are relatively easy to detect and avoid if you have any tech smarts, which most bitcoin users need to have in order to be involved or have an interest in bitcoin. Questionably how pronounced that variation from average is, though.

      • How many Confederate dollars do you want for a coin? I think five bucks per offline bitcoin?

      • So looking at the domain/URL you're currently at isn't common sense?
  • Interesting that the top two 'Related links' for this story are both stories about printable guns, at least in the pageview I'm getting right now, the third is about DNA collection after arrest, the fourth about how all your data are belong US and the fifth about PETA eants to sue people. Perhaps /. doesn't have any other stories about bitcoin, phishing, DDOS, Symantec, trojans or other malware.
  • The fake Mt Gox [] sites are found on domains such as, Existing customers and Bitcoin early adopters will likely not fall for this. This is likely targeting the non-tech-savvy followers who just heard through the media about a currency that can make you rich or a cool way to buy drugs. A search [] or two [] will unlikely lead a potential victim to one of these fake sites, so they are depending on the advertising. Details are scarce on how they are advertising.
  • Q: Why do you rob banks?
    A: Because that's where the money is stored.

  • Not 'Mount Gox'. Theres no such place.

    Its Magic the Gathering Online exchange not Mt. Gox.

    But even they refer to it as Mount Gox. Why? Are they trying to distance themselves from the card game?

    • by neminem (561346)

      I don't see anything about M:tG on their site, certainly not anything saying it's called that. Do you get annoyed any time anyone talks about AT&T and doesn't make sure their audience knows that the company deals in telegraphs (even though they haven't in many, many decades), too?

      • by synaptik (125) *
        I liked your counterpoint about AT&T... and although the GP didn't really have a point, they were referring to the original purpose of, as evidenced by The Wayback Machine's snapshop of it from 2007: []
        • by neminem (561346)

          Right. I'm aware of its original purpose. Hence, my point that companies sometimes change purpose, redefinition of their previous name often occurs [], and it's rather unfair to say "this company once did x, x is frivolous, therefore the company will be forever tainted with frivolity".

    • Probably. After all, the site has been sold at least once since it had anything to do with the card game.

      Boo ya.

    • by pantaril (1624521)

      Not 'Mount Gox'. Theres no such place.

      Its Magic the Gathering Online exchange not Mt. Gox.

      Dunno if you are mentally impaired or just blind but they label themself Mt.Gox right on the front page of their website []

      • Not 'Mount Gox'. Theres no such place.

        Its Magic the Gathering Online exchange not Mt. Gox.

        Dunno if you are mentally impaired or just blind but they label themself Mt.Gox right on the front page of their website []

        No matter where you look it up, it's always Mt.Gox, there is no "mount" in there. I dunno about any magic stuff...

        • by pantaril (1624521)

          Well Mt. could be interpreted as short version of "Mount".

          About the magic stuff - they originally intended to build Magic The Gathering Online eXchange and registered mtgox domain for it but it never actually happened as they learned about bitcoin later and decided to build bitcoin exchange instead. No magic card was ever traded on MtGox. Some people like "myowntrueself" are trying to twist the facts and use their domain name to paint them as not professional exchange completely ignoring the reality that M

    • by gox (1595435)

      Even if it was registered with that in mind, there was never a Magic the Gathering exchange on that domain, so your claim is unwarranted. Besides, the guy who registered the domain sold it long time ago. Granted though, it's a weird name for a Bitcoin exchange.

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