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Bezop Cryptocurrency Server Exposes Personal Info of 25,000 Investors ( 28

lod123 shares a report from Threatpost: A leaky Mongo database exposed personal information, including scanned passports and driver's licenses, of 25,000 investors and potential investors tied to the Bezop cryptocurrency, according to researchers. Kromtech Security said that it found the unprotected data on March 30, adding that it included a treasure-trove of information ranging from "full names, (street) addresses, email addresses, encrypted passwords, wallet information, along with links to scanned passports, driver's licenses and other IDs," according to the researchers. Kromtech researchers, in their overview of the results of its investigation, said that, the organization behind the currency, immediately secured the data after being notified. Bezop is one of over 1,000 cryptocurrencies in a crowded playing field vying for investor attention. According to Kromtech, the list of 25,000 people included both current and prospective investors promised Bezop cryptocurrency in exchange for promoting the cryptocurrency on social media.
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Bezop Cryptocurrency Server Exposes Personal Info of 25,000 Investors

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  • MongoDB is so WebScale that even leaks from servers get better performance! WebScale!
  • Isn’t this the crypto currency that John McAfee was promoting? Good security job there dude!
    • No, he promoted Verge.

      The fact that the MongoDB Database was unsecured means that the admin(s) didn't know what they were doing. What's really worrying is that there's 25K people out there willing to provide very sensitive information in exchange of a promise, which is very likely to be as empty as my bank account.
      I was interested in investing a very small amount of money into an ICO a few months ago. When I saw what they were asking me to provide I laughed, turned around and dropped the deal.

  • Awesome! Who's going to jail for letting this happen?
  • Why on earth did they need people's scanned driver's licenses and passports? What kind of fool would give that up to invest in an "anonymous" currency? The mind boggles....
    • by MrL0G1C ( 867445 )

      What kind of fool would give that up to invest in an "anonymous" currency? The mind boggles....

      A greedy fool. I kind of feel sorry for these people they're all being ripped off. I don't know what it is about people that have scam screamed at them, ignore the warning and continue. Ok I do, they're fucking morons.

  • If they had invested with bitcoin they could have done so anonymously!
  • And why do people expect them to hold value? There's too many for any to be accepted as payment, so it's just a game exchanges are playing with each other. It won't turn out well.
    • by ravrazor ( 69324 )
      Ok - the previous 4 comments, and usually all that relate to cryptocurrency on /., are negative and/or pessimistic.
      Just an open "Ask Slashdot" since there aren't that many posts here for everyone: "Does everyone here really think BitCoin, Ethereum or Ripple are that bad?"

      I have some of all of them, and obviously the sketchier ones (like bezop) are riskier, it seems like the ones above are destined for something, maybe not in the next couple of months, but certainly the next decade.

      some info:
      - Pfize
      • I thought I had mentioned that I saw room for maybe two to survive the inevitable crash, which would fit with your points, but I guess I was too sleepy to get around to it.

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