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Studios Sue Dragon Box in Latest Crackdown on Streaming Devices (variety.com) 54

An anonymous reader shares a report: Netflix and Amazon joined with the major studios on Wednesday in a lawsuit against Dragon Box, as the studios continue their crackdown on streaming devices. The suit accuses Dragon Box of facilitating piracy by making it easy for customers to access illegal streams of movies and TV shows. Some of the films available are still in theaters, including Disney's "Coco," the suit alleges. Dragon Box has advertised the product as a means to avoid paying for authorized subscription services, the complaint alleges, quoting marketing material that encourages users to "Get rid of your premium channels ... [and] Stop paying for Netflix and Hulu." The same studios filed a similar complaint in October against TickBox, another device that enables users to watch streaming content. Both TickBox and Dragon Box make use of Kodi add-ons, a third-party software application.
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Studios Sue Dragon Box in Latest Crackdown on Streaming Devices

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  • by OneHundredAndTen ( 1523865 ) on Friday January 12, 2018 @01:42PM (#55915869)
    I had never heard of Dragon Box. Thanks for the pointer, major studios. And please become familiar with the Streisand Effect.
    • It doesn't matter if you've heard of them if they've been shut down through legal action.
  • How can anyone take them seriously with statements such as "any units bought from eBay or Amazon from an unauthorized dealer will results in your IP and Mac Address blocked from our Server" on their website? Neither of those are hard to modify.

  • Does DragonBox magically allow you to access Netflix and Hulu without paying for them ? Or is it simply the equivalent of a torrent client. This is the most stupid nonsense I've seen. And I am sad to see Netflix go the route of major channels and studios.

    • Netflix and hulu have original content so they are suing that that content was pirated.
      DragonBox is basiclly a kodibox with all the piracy add-on included and the main dragonbox web site acting as an index.
  • by Kenja ( 541830 ) on Friday January 12, 2018 @02:23PM (#55916177)
    It has a warning about buying a third party "dragon box" which would be using their proprietary Android implementation. So they don't want people pirating their stuff that they sell to people to pirate other peoples stuff.
  • Stop paying for Netflix and Hulu.

    They are going to sue book publishers?

  • ... and we should also go after lock pick manufacturers for burglaries, gun manufacturers for gun deaths, and car manufacturers for accidents, because if they didn't make these things, it wouldn't facilitate unlawful behavior. How about they go after the web sites actually sourcing the video?
    • The site that get scraped for the pirated content arent exactly hiding either. These sites have full web front ends and only a browser is needed to view the content. The kodi pirate scripts are literally just scraping these sites.

      But even the sites that are being scraped arent hosting the videos.
    • by jonwil ( 467024 )

      The difference is that the Dragon Box product is specifically designed and marketed for the purpose of downloading illegally copied content.

      Companies who make products that are specifically marketed to users as a way to commit illegal acts SHOULD be hit with lawsuits and action to shut down their products.

    • any lockpick or gun manufacturer that advertises and markets their product specifically for use in criminal activities will most definitely be shut down. not sure why the fuck you would compare accidents, it would be more any car manufacturer that advertises a feature to evade police cars so you can drive home drunk or avoid being caught after commiting a robbery and likewise they would be in deep shit real fast.
  • With more and more TV's coming out with the Android TV OS, which you can easily install Kodi and the addons onto it, shouldn't they also be a target for the studios?

  • Studios use their considerable influence to inform everyone that DragonBox are a thing.

    Thanks very much for the heads-up.

  • I just picked a couple of movies and TV shows one would have to pay for and put them in Google and other search engines. Leaving torrents aside, out came reams and reams of websites (some have "...locker" in their URL, others don't). Each of them does not actually store the material in question, they just provide dozens of other sites, some .com, others .io, .me or other TLDs. Clicking on, and after the occasional Captcha or stray ad that escaped my blockers, I eventually get to streaming, again under tot

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