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Instagram Hack Targets Celebrities ( 32

Instagram has revealed a flaw in its systems revealed "a number of" stars' phone numbers and email addresses to cyber-attackers. From a report: The Facebook-owned social network has emailed verified members, usually prominent figures, to let them know. It said it believed "one or more" attackers had targeted high-profile stars to get their contact information. Instagram said passwords had not been stolen but warned users to watch for suspicious activity on their accounts. However, it did not say which accounts had been affected. The security breach was made possible due to a bug in the company's own software.
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Instagram Hack Targets Celebrities

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Why do people keep trusting these damned apps and web sites? I'm sorry, but all of these services should be presumed to be grossly insecure and written by people more interested in the ad revenue than security.

    Boo hoo, some celebrities who wanted to take pictures of their tits got hacked. Who fucking cares?

    Until companies bear legal liability for their own security incompetence, these platforms will always get hacked. If you want to keep your private data private, stop fucking putting it into the cloud a

  • Not celebrities! Is nothing sacred anymore?

  • Sooner or later celebrities will run form social media, if those mistake will repeat. Instagram, Facebook, iOS and many more are less safe by day. And the risk of some comments made by hacker on some famous person profile maybe very destructive. Hope the security IT teams of this giants will do they work better in the future. .

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