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Germany Says Cyber Threat Greater Than Expected, More Firms Affected ( 27

From a Reuters report, shared by a few readers on Twitter: Germany's BSI federal cyber agency said on Friday that the threat posed to German firms by recent cyber attacks launched via a Ukrainian auditing software was greater than expected, and some German firms had seen production halted for over a week. Analyses by computer experts showed that waves of attacks had been launched via software updates of the M.E.Doc accounting software since April, the BSI said in a statement.
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Germany Says Cyber Threat Greater Than Expected, More Firms Affected

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    This is why I always disable all automatic updates. Any automatic update is a backdoor in essence. By automatic updating you are allowing someone else to execute any code on your system.

  • I understood the attack came through a Ukrainian accounting software. How German companies are impacted? Did they also used that software?
  • Time to let any world leader take down the Internet before the hackers do it for us.

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