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FBI Grows "Cyber Most Wanted" List With Syrian Electronic Army Members (networkworld.com) 18

coondoggie quotes a report from NetworkWorld: The FBI today added two members of a Syrian hacker group to its Cyber Most Wanted list, offering a reward of up to $100,000 each for information that leads to their arrest.
The article goes on to say, "According to the FBI, the new cybercriminals Amad Umar Agha22, known online as 'The Pro,' and Firas Dardar, 27, known online as 'The Shadow,' engaged in a multi-year conspiracy that began in 2011 to collect usernames and passwords that gave them the ability to deface websites, redirect domains to sites controlled by the conspirators, steal e-mail, and hijack social media accounts. To obtain the login information they spear-phishing, where they tricked people who had privileged access to their organizations' websites and social media channels into volunteering sensitive information by posing as a legitimate entity."
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FBI Grows "Cyber Most Wanted" List With Syrian Electronic Army Members

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