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MuckRock Launches March Madness -- For FOIA ( 16

v3rgEz writes: Looking for a new office pool to get in on, but can't tell a layup from a low post? MuckRock has launched a FOIA bracket that pits 64 agencies against each other in a single-elimination tournament of transparency. The Freedom of Information website is working to get processing manuals for each of the agencies in the tournament, and invites you to pick winners across four divisions, with winners receiving free requests, MuckRock swag, and, of course, bragging rights among transparency aficionados.
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MuckRock Launches March Madness -- For FOIA

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  • by Nemosoft Unv. ( 16776 ) on Tuesday March 22, 2016 @07:17AM (#51751131)
    ...I still have no idea what the bleep this is about. Am I the only one that can't make heads or tails of FOIA, brackets, layup and low post?
    • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

      So, they seem to be organizing some kind of knock-out tournament where unwilling participants (government agencies) are scored by how they respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for their manuals on responding to FOIA requests. Each round has different winning criteria - providing a tracking number before your rival, actually responding with useful information etc.

      For some reason this is called a "bracket"... Maybe some kind of American English thing?

      You can guess who will win the tournament,

    • LOL, too much of a sports analogy for this crowd. TFO is entertaining, but not nearly as much as the confusion in this discussion thread :)
  • Individually, all of those words make sense. But strung together, huh?

  • Because a ridiculously low percentage of FOIA requests made during the current administration turned up anything.
    The whole concept is ridiculous. "We demand to see the documents on *insert controversy here*" "There are no documents." "Oh, okay, thanks."
    How hard is it for the government to say, "We can't find anything."? What are you going to do? Say they are lying? Prove it.

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