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Dozens of Russian Banks Phished By Crooks Pretending To Be FinCERT 16

itwbennett writes: CSO Online's Steve Ragan reports that dozens of Russian banks were targeted this week by meticulous attackers who formatted a Word document 'to look like a legitimate FinCERT bulletin – suggesting that the attackers took their time to learn proper protocol and standards. A remarkable feat, considering FinCERT notifications are usually not for public consumption,' says Ragan. The attackers also were reportedly particular about their messages and to whom they were addressed. They even timed the email campaign to coincide with the lunch rush, presumably thinking that workers hurrying to get out of the office would be less cautious. Their only misstep, in the form of a grammatical error, came the next day when they sent the message out to hundreds more banks.
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Dozens of Russian Banks Phished By Crooks Pretending To Be FinCERT

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