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Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies 353

New submitter jbmartin6 writes: The Panopticon may be coming, but perhaps not how we think. Instead of a massive government surveillance program, we might end up subjected to ubiquitous monitoring to save on our insurance premiums. The "internet of things (you can't get away from)" makes this more and more possible. Here a company saved money on its health insurance premiums by distributing Fitbits and an online service to enable reporting fitness gains back to the insurance company. We've already seen the stories on using black boxes to monitor drivers. There is even an insurance company named Panoptic! Heck, why not a premium hike for owners of this or that "aggressiveness gene"? What if in the future we got a quick "+50 cents" tweet for every scoop of ice cream? I suppose the natural stopping point might be the balance between an individual's willingness to be monitored and the desire to reduce insurance premiums.
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Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies

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  • by I'm New Around Here ( 1154723 ) on Tuesday July 08, 2014 @02:28PM (#47408961)

    "a magical pixie horse that pays you money if something bad happens to you."

    Surely you meant "a loud annoying duck that pays you money if something bad happens to you, even though everyone ignores him."

  • by bjk002 ( 757977 ) on Tuesday July 08, 2014 @03:09PM (#47409287)

    I feel the exact same way about all those reckless, careless, risk-taking, jock-want-to-be’s who risk their lives and wellbeing playing senseless games on the field, riding bikes and skateboards without thought or concern, and adventuring up mountain sides without care.

    I find it absolutely appalling that I am forced to cough up my money to pay for their reckless behavior, broken bones, torn ligaments, hamstring injuries, and more!!

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