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IACR Finally Gets Around To Repudiating Mass Surveillance 20

First time accepted submitter TechyImmigrant (175943) writes "Following the focus on government mass surveillance resulting from the information revealed by Edward Snowden, many organizations involved in security and communications put out statements essentially repudiating that surveillance. As of yesterday (May 15th 2014) the IACR (International Association for Cryptologic Research) who one might expect to have a position on this, has finally one year after the anniversary of the leaks, got around to making a position statement. 'The membership of the IACR repudiates mass surveillance and the undermining of cryptographic solutions and standards. Population-wide surveillance threatens democracy and human dignity. We call for expediting research and deployment of effective techniques to protect personal privacy against governmental and corporate overreach.' So the crypto guys don't like it either. Now we know." They're not the only ones: reader Juha Saarinen (2822817) writes "Stung by concerns that the NSA may have introduced deliberately weakened crypto algorithms, NIST is embarking on a review of its existing standards and developments."
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IACR Finally Gets Around To Repudiating Mass Surveillance

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  • Privacy terrorists (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 15, 2014 @11:21AM (#47009273)

    If you watch TV shows like Person of Interest, you will learn that people who don't like mass surveillance are violent domestic terrorists who want to blow up planes and buildings, and shoot people responsible for surveillance. The new 24 Live Another Day series also has a wikileaks-like group which received a lot of hate from establishment hero Jack. 24 also has people protesting drones... I'm waiting for them to be portrayed as the bad guys too. TV dramas are now propaganda mouthpieces.

  • by Sir_Eptishous ( 873977 ) on Thursday May 15, 2014 @12:44PM (#47009983) Homepage
    Yea, I've noticed that since 9/11. I'm sure the DOHS has input and influence over any script for any film or tv program dealing with "national security". It was like that when Hoover was around.
    It's like the 1950's with the threat of Communism around every corner, and how film and television pushed that fear on the American public.

    If you question anything, or want to get the real reason decisions are made, then you're a bad guy.

    Rational thought and deductive reasoning aren't taught in school, and now we see the consequences, where the younger generations coming up simply tune out all this talk of privacy. They don't have a problem with the NSA, or anyone else, monitoring their every thought, word and deed.
    The ultimate irony will be when Orwells 1984 isn't banned, it just won't be read or studied because his vision has come true.

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