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Jury Finds Apple and Samsung Infringed Each Other's Patents 49

An anonymous reader writes "A U.S. jury concluded Friday that Samsung had infringed on two of Apple's patents and that Apple had infringed on one of Samsung's patents. Prior to the trial, the judge had ruled that Samsung had infringed on one other Apple patent. Samsung will receive $158,400 in damages, although they had requested just over $6 million. Apple will receive $119.6 million in damages, although they had requested just over $2 billion and a ban on certain Samsung phones. Some say that a sales ban is unlikely to be approved by the judge. The jury is scheduled to return on Monday to resolve what appears to be a technical mistake in their verdict on one of the patents, and Apple may gain a few hundred thousand dollars in their damages award as a result."
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Jury Finds Apple and Samsung Infringed Each Other's Patents

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 03, 2014 @08:29AM (#46907175)

    What the mods failed to see with the GP is that the American jury is going to have some prejudices against the foreign company - especially an Asian one.

    All in all, Apple has this great reputation in the US, it's considered to be the poster boy for innovation and how USA is still #1!

    Most Americans have the view that Asian companies do nothing but copy American companies' products, cheapen it, and sell it for less; while costing the jobs of red blooded Americans.

    Rule based on law? Ah, the subconscious is an amazing thing. Dan Ariely [google.com], Daniel Kahneman [google.com] and other Behavioral economists have quite a bit of data on how we humans are anything but rational and our decisions are mostly made unconsciously.

    Samsung had no chance.

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