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Declassified Papers Hint US Uranium May Have Ended Up In Israeli Arms 165

Lasrick (2629253) writes "Victor Gilinsky and Roger J. Mattson update their story on the NUMEC affair to take into account the recent release of hundreds of classified documents that shed additional light on the story. In the 1960s, the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) was found to be missing about a 100 pounds of bomb-grade uranium. Based on available evidence, Gilinsky and Mattson are convinced that the material ended up in Israel nuclear bombs. The newly release documents add more to the story, and Gilinsky and Mattson are calling on President Obama to declassify the remainder of the file."
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Declassified Papers Hint US Uranium May Have Ended Up In Israeli Arms

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  • by Assmasher ( 456699 ) on Saturday April 19, 2014 @09:52AM (#46794283) Journal

    Agreed, this is known to just about anyone with an interest in nuclear proliferation issues, or the history of post 1948 Israel.

  • by Richard_at_work ( 517087 ) <richardpriceNO@SPAMgmail.com> on Saturday April 19, 2014 @10:01AM (#46794315)

    Theres a lot of evidence linking the Israelis to the South African nuclear weapons program with a lot of people thinking it was a "legitimatised" nuclear program that would only get SA into trouble internationally while Israel could walk away with a lot of improvements scot free, so if US technology and material ended up in Israeli hands, then I have no doubt equally that some of it then made its way on to apartheid South Africa.

  • by dbIII ( 701233 ) on Saturday April 19, 2014 @10:11AM (#46794375)

    There is no way the Israelis would give away or lose the material you say

    Around 2000 there was a huge fuss about a top secret US tank fire targetting system that was stolen from the hardware that was donated to Israel, sold to China and then on-sold to Iran. Apparently even the thieves were pretty upset about that outcome.
    However nuclear stuff makes people a bit more careful about keeping tabs on things.

  • Re:Good for them. (Score:4, Interesting)

    by mark_osmd ( 812581 ) on Saturday April 19, 2014 @05:28PM (#46796481)
    That's a rumor of a strategy, usually quoted from unidentified third parties or as personal opinions of military historians. I don't know of any official Israeli government document or statement that there's such a doctrine. It would be hard for them to since there's no official admission by Israel that they possess nuclear weapons. When looked up in wikipedia it's described as "...the name that some military analysts have given to Israel's hypothetical deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons as a "last resort" against nations whose military attacks threaten its existence" hardly equivalent to nuking "every major European city" which implies those cities are in nations not attacking Israel.

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