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German Wikipedia Has Problems With Paid Editing — and Threats of Violence 55

metasonix (650947) writes "As German journalist Marvin Oppong learned recently, there are a number of people who work to make articles about certain corporations and trade groups on German Wikipedia 'look better.' And when Oppong published his discoveries, one reaction was an openly violent threat, aimed at him, posted on de-WP's 'Kurier' noticeboard. Just as with English Wikipedia, it is apparently a 'terrible crime' to criticize German Wikipedia, even when Jimbo Wales's 'bright line' rule on paid editing is being violated. Unlike English WP, the Germans will threaten to 'curbstone' people for saying it."
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German Wikipedia Has Problems With Paid Editing — and Threats of Violence

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 08, 2014 @02:16PM (#46696509)

    Reading the original discussion in German, it becomes apparent, that Wikipediocracy has misinterpreted what has been said:

    brrr...was für ein seichtes Gelaber. Die Schande einer ganzen Zunft, wenn man bedenkt dass der Herr schon mal hier mit einem Kurierartikel, einschließlich offenem Brief geehrt wurde und anscheinend nichts dazugelernt hat oder es einfach wieder vergessen hat. Ein geistiger Tiefflieger, er soll aufpassen, dass er nicht mit dem Kinn am Borstein hängen bleibt.

    Basically the author says that Oppong talks bulllshit (= seichtes Gelaber) and flies on such a low intellectual level (= geistiger Tiefflieger) that he has to take care not to crash into a curbstone. He is not threatening Oppoing. He is just visualizing what he thinks of Oppoing's proposals.

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