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Japan's Alleged Death Threat-Making, Cat-Hacking Programmer Says He's Innocent 69

Daniel_Stuckey writes "Inside the memory card in the cat's collar, authorities found a resentful message criticizing the police along with versions of the virus (iesys.exe) used to carry out the threat messages, which were made remotely, through other people's computers. If you hadn't heard about the story in the news, you'd be forgiven for confusing it with the plot of a Haruki Murakami novel. In Tokyo District Court Wednesday, the former employee of a Japanese IT company wore a black suit, a wide smile, and pleaded not guilty to 10 charges brought against him. The Japan Times explained the string of threats were directed at 'schools and kindergartens attended by the Emperor Akihito's grandchildren,' as well as a Japan Airlines jet headed for New York. The plane had to stop mid-flight, costing the airline ¥9.75 million (about $93,000)."
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Japan's Alleged Death Threat-Making, Cat-Hacking Programmer Says He's Innocent

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  • by jrumney ( 197329 ) on Friday February 14, 2014 @02:13AM (#46243559)

    In Japanese society, the police are believed to be infallible. Once arrested for something, the conviction rate is something like 98%. Police make deals with suspects to deal with things quickly and quietly if they confess, but if they don't confess, then their name will be all over the newspapers, dragging their family into disrepute. This is why two people have already confessed to the crimes that this man is accused of.

    But apparently the perpetrator doesn't like others taking credit for his work, and sent coded messages on the 2ch message board which a journalist and police were able to verify as containing non-public information that proved the sender was the real culprit, and the previous two accused were released despite having confessed to the crimes. Due to this history, if he is really innocent, his best chance of proving it may be to confess to the crime.

  • by wonkey_monkey ( 2592601 ) on Friday February 14, 2014 @06:47AM (#46244095) Homepage

    Inside the memory card in the cat's collar

    What cat?!

    Please, please, if you can't be bothered to write your own summary, at least make sure that the paragraphs you copy and paste make sense by themselves.

    Did you even read what you submitted?

    Editors: at least try to look like you're doing your job.

  • Stupid summary (Score:5, Informative)

    by daem0n1x ( 748565 ) on Friday February 14, 2014 @07:07AM (#46244137)
    What the fuck is this summary about? Don't you need basic communication skills to be a Slashdot editor?

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