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Google Poised To Settle EU Anti-Trust Probe 55

Rambo Tribble writes "Reuters is reporting that concessions by the Internet giant have paved the way for a resolution to the long-standing European Union investigation into Google's alleged anti-competitive practices. From the article: 'A settlement with the European Union's regulator would mean that Google, the world's biggest internet search engine, would escape a possible fine of as much as $5 billion or 10 percent of its 2012 revenue. Such an outcome would mirror the company's success in the United States last year where it received only a mild reprimand from the Federal Trade Commission, which said Google had not manipulated its website results following a 19-month investigation.'"
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Google Poised To Settle EU Anti-Trust Probe

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  • 10% of Revenue! (Score:5, Insightful)

    by fuzzyfuzzyfungus ( 1223518 ) on Thursday January 30, 2014 @06:43AM (#46108347) Journal
    Clearly Google should get into a less risky business, like laundering money for drug cartels, if they are facing potential penalties of that magnitude...
  • I wonder what that Yahoo boss thinks of Google, now that she's out of there.

    One thing I can guarantee: This [settlement] won't be enough for Microsoft and its ilk.

  • Better idea (Score:5, Interesting)

    by StripedCow ( 776465 ) on Thursday January 30, 2014 @07:56AM (#46108543)

    The EU should increase funding of research into open search technologies.
    It is unacceptable that the world's searching and data-mining technology is for the better part originating from one country.
    (Yes, this means more projects like [])

    I'm still waiting for a P2P search engine that is efficient, secure, and returns useful results.

    • I'm still waiting for a P2P search engine that is efficient, secure, and returns useful results.

      So am I. So are many. Google is monolithic, and not to be trusted. Seriously: why don't we talk about creating a start-up ?

      • Seriously: why don't we talk about creating a start-up ?

        This could be a proposal for Kickstarter. It may be the first crowd-funded project that requires a significant amount of preliminary research though.

        • Send me an email if you are interested in any way. I have access to research ( work at a national R & D institute in Europe )
        • Google have the advantage of some of the most experienced researchers in the field, and a ridiculous amount of hardware capability. Also, they can afford to throw tons of money at long-shot ideas, knowing that only a few will pan out.

        • You'll need about 1,000,000,000$ US for your first datacenter. All of the hardware needs to be in close proximity to get reasonable communication latency in your distributed indexing/processing.

          There is a reason why competing search engines aren't popping up left and right.

    • I was looking into the YaCY P2P search engine ( []âZ ), but I have not given it a go yet. Have you tried that one? What did you find about it that was bad?

    • The "antitrust" is in the advertising, travel, and sales markets; their success in Search is just the tool Google used to dominate those fields. By analogy, Microsoft used the dominance Windows to make Internet Explorer the dominant browser; the fixes had to be in the Browser field, not operating systems.

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