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Japan To Tax Online Sales Of Foreign-Made Content 59

Qedward writes with this except from CIO. "Japan is planning to tax sales of foreign online content such as e-books, apps and downloaded music by late 2015. Japanese who purchase electronic content from foreign firms like through overseas servers don't have to pay consumption tax, currently at 5% but slated to rise to 8% in April. That has made foreign content cheaper than apps, MP3 downloads, software, and e-books distributed domestically. Physical products purchased from abroad are hit with consumption tax when they clear customs in Japan, but no such levy exists for online goods. The government plans to close the loophole and make foreign vendors selling consumer goods register with tax authorities and pay the tax. Japanese corporations that buy foreign electronic content such as business software, however, will have to pay the tax directly to the Japanese tax authorities, Nikkei Asian Review reported this morning."
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Japan To Tax Online Sales Of Foreign-Made Content

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  • by beltsbear ( 2489652 ) on Tuesday January 14, 2014 @12:36PM (#45952123)

    What if a seller (legal in it's own country) sells mp3's/videos through a website that allows worldwide customers and takes Bitcoin for it. The seller never registers with the government of Japan. The buyer avoids the tax, the seller saves credit card fees and chargebacks. Only the government of Japan looses.

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