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Epic: A Privacy-Focused Web Browser 223

Rob @CmdrTaco Malda writes "I've been advising Epic Browser, a startup building a privacy-focused, Chrome-based browser that starts where incognito mode ends. Epic employs a host of tactics designed to make what happens inside your browser stay there, to the tune of a thousand blocks in a typical hour of browsing. They also provide a built-in proxy service. If the corporations and governments are going to watch us, there's no reason to make it any easier for them. Epic has Mac and Windows builds for now. Their site goes into far greater detail about how they block tracking methods most browsers don't."
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Epic: A Privacy-Focused Web Browser

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  • Epic fail (Score:4, Funny)

    by Taantric ( 2587965 ) on Friday September 06, 2013 @11:37AM (#44775261)

    It is being made by an American company. Rest of the world does not and should not trust you anymore.

    NSA: Hey Epic Exec, insert this complied module into your app
    Epic Exec: Go fuck yourself NSA. We are all about protecting users here
    NSA: I see. I also see that you visited a gay bar in SF last week and Boston the week before. Are you going to tell your wife and children or should we?
    Epic Exec: Oh I see you are talking about National Security. Why didn't you say that before? Here at Epic we are loyal Murcans and we will be happy to help anyway we can.
    NSA: That's a good bitch. Next time roll over and show your belly faster or else.....

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