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Icelandic Pirate Party Wins 3 seats In Parliament 92

First time accepted submitter Thorhs writes "According to preliminary results (all votes counted, no official word yet) the Icelandic Pirate Party was able to secure 3 members of the national Parliament, the first PP to reach a national Parliament. Things were hairy election night, the PP lost all their MPs when they dropped below the 5% barrier 'needed' in the somewhat complex election system. Thankfully they managed to slip back up above, with 5.1% of the total votes. The old 'crash parties', the ones in charge before our epic financial crash, (Independent and Progressive parties) are the prime candidates to form a new government with just over 51% of the votes, getting 40 of 63 seats. RUV (Icelandic) has good coverage."
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Icelandic Pirate Party Wins 3 seats In Parliament

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Is it actually complex, or is this one of those americanizations where anything with more than two possible outcomes is considered complex?

    • Yes all PR systems are complex when compared to FPTP - Iceland uses the D'Hondt method. The problem you have with PR is you get fringe "nut job" or extremist parties holding the balance of power more often EG golden dawn in Greece.
      • by Belial6 ( 794905 )
        You seem to be implying that the US doesn't isn't stuck with a perpetual set of "nut jobs" holding the balance of power.
        • Different problem the US haven't moved beyond an 18th century model with weak parties that are more like lose coalitions.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    they would steal them!

  • by De Lemming ( 227104 ) on Sunday April 28, 2013 @12:22PM (#43574535) Homepage

    The Pirate Times introduces the 3 elected representatives: Iceland Report #4 : History Made by a Hair’s Breadth [piratetimes.net]

    Rick Falkvinge, founder of the original (Swedish) Pirate Party, comments: celandic Pirate Party WINS, Enters Parliament [falkvinge.net]

    Another article on TorrentFreak: Pirate Party Enters Iceland’s National Parliament After Historic Election Win [torrentfreak.com]

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I'm glad my vote made a difference...

  • It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

      Ég er frá Íslandi og eins lunda og spila Warcraft.

    (Sorry, blame Google Translate.)

  • by westlake ( 615356 ) on Sunday April 28, 2013 @01:22PM (#43574903)

    Iceland has a 63 member parliament and a population of 319,000.

    New York City has a population of 8.245 million and a city council of 51 members.

    • so a much larger percentage of the population is doing beurocratic-busy-work? :-)

      (j/k, nyc probably has 99% of the population doing beurocratic-busy-work).

    • by dkleinsc ( 563838 ) on Sunday April 28, 2013 @02:22PM (#43575191) Homepage

      And New Hampshire has a population of 1 million and a House of 435 representatives.

      Areas with strong democratic traditions tend to have fewer constituents per politician. And Iceland has a very very long tradition of democracy.

      • Areas with strong democratic traditions tend to have fewer constituents per politician. And Iceland has a very very long tradition of democracy.

        You can say that again.. I like the way they called it the "Aling" meaning all-thing ("thing" here has the old connotation of law meeting; it doesn't mean object).
        Althing [wikipedia.org]. Est. Anno Domini 930.
        That's the essential core of democracy: everybody (well, only men in olden times) can go to the meeting and have their disputes settled and their plans discussed. On a gra

      • And New Hampshire has a population of 1 million and a House of 435 representatives.

        What New Hampshire has is a gerontocracy.

        State legislators are paid $200 for their two-year term, plus mileage, effectively making them volunteers. The only other benefits are free use of toll roads and of state-owned resorts. A 2007 survey found that nearly half the members of the House are retired, with an average age over 60.

        Government of New Hampshire [wikipedia.org]

        A 91-year-old GOP state legislator in New Hampshire has resigned after saying people with mental illnesses should get a one-way trip to Siberia.

        State Rep. Martin Harty, who turns 92 this month, made national news recently when he touted eugenics as a way to get rid of "defective people."

        N.H. state legislator resigns after remark about mental illness [usatoday.com] [March 2011]

    • by Kjella ( 173770 )

      Apples and oranges, the New York city council operates on a massive body of state and federal laws. And while you may have less regional issues you still need a full body of law whether you're governing 300,000 or 300,000,000. Yes, they're representing only some 319*5,1% = 16-17.000 people but that's not really the point. The point is that they're a sovereign nation, they're not part of the EU so if they want to change copyright law they can. With the Internet it really only takes one nation to make the who

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