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Bruce Schneier: A Cyber Cold War Could Destabilize the Internet 124

moon_unit2 writes "In an op-ed piece over at Technology Review, Bruce Schneier says that the cyber espionage between the U.S., China, and other nations, has been rampant for the past decade. But he also worries that the media frenzy over recent attacks is fostering a new kind of Internet-nationalism and spurring a cyber arms race that has plenty of negative side-effects for the Internet and its users. From the piece: 'We don't know the capabilities of the other side, and we fear that they are more capable than we are. So we spend more, just in case. The other side, of course, does the same. That spending will result in more cyber weapons for attack and more cyber-surveillance for defense. It will result in move government control over the protocols of the Internet, and less free-market innovation over the same. At its worst, we might be about to enter an information-age Cold War: one with more than two "superpowers." Aside from this being a bad future for the Internet, this is inherently destabilizing.'"
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Bruce Schneier: A Cyber Cold War Could Destabilize the Internet

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  • by girlinatrainingbra ( 2738457 ) on Wednesday March 13, 2013 @01:38PM (#43161429)
    While the USA sounds so high and mighty in its admonishment of china, it makes it easy to forget the anti-centrifuge software trojans that were deployed by the USA against Iran's nuclear refining capabilities. The US has already deployed "internet" and "computer-based" war tactics against other countries while it goes on to claim others are doing so as if our hands are so clean. That is a sad way to attempt to lead the world.

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