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Copyright Trolls Order Wordpress To Disclose Critics' IP Addresses 119

TrueSatan writes "Notorious copyright troll Prenda Law has sent a subpoena to WordPress attempting to force the disclosure of all IP addresses related to two WordPress-hosted sites that specialize in monitoring and encouraging action against copyright trolling. The sites in question are and These sites state their aims as: 'To keep the public and fellow victims informed and to ensure that through activism, trolls make as little money as possible.' These are goals which almost anyone (bar a copyright troll, or lawyer acting for one) might well applaud. Prenda Law's demand is not for a subset of addresses that might have posted in a manner that could be construed as legally defamatory but for all IP addresses that have accessed these sites, irrespective of the use made of them. Prenda Law has filed three defamation lawsuits already against the individuals who run Fightcopyrighttrolls, and one has been dismissed (PDF). Dietrolldie released the following warning: 'As there is a possibility that a release could occur, the public IP address (date/time stamp) could fall into the hands of Prenda. I would expect that they would then try to cross-reference the IP address with their list of alleged BitTorrent infringement IP addresses ... If you have ever gone to this site or since 1 January 2011, you may want to contact WordPress. Tell them you want them to refuse this overly broad request and at least wait until the issue of the case being moved to the Federal court is answered before releasing any information.'"
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Copyright Trolls Order Wordpress To Disclose Critics' IP Addresses

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  • How about... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Beorytis ( 1014777 ) on Friday March 08, 2013 @04:15PM (#43119765)
    ...even if you've never visited those sites, contact WordPress and tell them you want them to refuse.
  • Poison the well (Score:4, Interesting)

    by pla ( 258480 ) on Friday March 08, 2013 @04:18PM (#43119823) Journal
    Does that include the IP addresses of the 20 million visitors they will get over the next 48 hours for appearing on the Slashdot FP?
  • Pay with Bitcoin (Score:0, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 08, 2013 @04:21PM (#43119855)

    This won't help people who have already given out their identifying information, but you can now pay for Wordpress with bitcoins. Bitcoin isn't anonymous by default, but if you cover your tracks and use a coin mixing service it can be.

  • Or maybe... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Beorytis ( 1014777 ) on Friday March 08, 2013 @04:39PM (#43120057)
    ...Prenda just wants proof that lots and lots of unique visitors have viewed the allegedly-defaming content as justification for seeking a giant-size judgement.
  • SLAPP (Score:5, Interesting)

    by mabhatter654 ( 561290 ) on Friday March 08, 2013 @05:18PM (#43120513)

    I'm surprised they can't get these cases moved to SLAPP status... The same corp filing 3 cases in 3 courts over "defamation" sounds like they are using the courts to shut up people they don't want to hear from. These sites are naming names and events, so they might get them on technicalities... But then FOX news got a pass that FABRICATIONS were still not defamation... So the only possible purpose of the suits is to collect information to harass the readers later.

    Part of the problem revolves around court culture. Lawyers are used to going to court and calling defendants, plaintiffs all kinds of names, making grand requests for judgements that are hundreds of thousands of dollars... Then packing their briefcases and going out to lunch with the other lawyers.

    Judges don't like reporters going after the LAWYERS in a case because "it's just business". Except in these cases, the lawyers ARE the ones causing the problems .. Courts don't really censor what lawyers say in court... But then what they say HAS to be taken as intent to keep these threats...

    It takes time for the judges to pick up that these guys are running the same thing in every town... The legal PROCESS can't keep up rules to prevent this stuff.

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