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Egyptian Court Wants To Block YouTube For a Month 188

First time accepted submitter rogue-girl writes that a "Cairo Administrative Court announced earlier on Feb. 9 that a ruling has been issued to block YouTube within the country for 30 days. This decision comes after a lawsuit was filed back in September 2012 during the turmoil caused by the infamous trailer 'The Innocence of Muslims' spread through the popular video platform. The Court has also asked for all websites having published parts or the entire trailer to be banned for 30 days."
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Egyptian Court Wants To Block YouTube For a Month

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  • by SplashMyBandit ( 1543257 ) on Saturday February 09, 2013 @08:47PM (#42847053)

    Analyses of the Innocence of Muslims video has shown it to be mostly factually correct []

    Now it might be a crummy video, but don't mistake poor production values for being factually incorrect. The video is based on statements in the Qur'an and hadiths - please go and check these things for yourself: [] [Skeptics Annotated Qur'an].

    It gets worse though. Both Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama were opposed to the video to cover up their arming of Al Qaeda elements in Libya through the embassy in Benghazi - and this backfired because the Obama Admistration are in total denial about jihad as a motivation of Islamism (as *mandated* by the Qur'an). The foreign policy of the US Administration is unbelievably misguided - because the political Left (which this State Department and Administration is) will not let the facts on the ground get in the way of their narrative. They are denying reality but the reality is rapidly catching up - and the securitry of the Free World is being traded for appeasement (in the hope that Islamists will be "moderate" - which is a ridiculous idea if you have ever read the Qur'an, hadiths and have an understanding of Islamic history for the last 1400 years).

    Appeasement will not work with Islamists. Selling Israel out will not work (the jihadis have been in business for 14 centuries before Israel was established - you can't blame the joos for the actions of the jihadis). Making concessions to Muslims will not work (since the Islamists do not believe in quid-pro-quo; they believe they are right, the Free World is wrong, and its their way *only*). The Obama Administration abandoning the rest of the globe comes at exactly the wrong time - but perhaps this is no surprise given the number of Muslim Brotherhood members in the Administration influencing policy (which is why they are so afraid of Michelle Bachmann calling for an investigation - such an investigation would reveal that the Administration is so thoroughly penetrated it can barely be trusted to lead the Free World).

    Fortunately there are signs of hope. Florida just passed a bill to outlaw Sharia. If other US states and other sovereign nations do the same then the Free World will remain Free. Then we only have to convince the wannabe dhimmis in the West to actually check the facts of what is going on - and not rely on the narrative they have been fed - they are in the Matrix and resist the truth of what is happening - preferring to *factual* arguments as some kind of 'racism' [absolutely crazy; Islam is a violent and totalitarian ideology, just like Naziism and Soviet Communism, it has nothing to do with 'race'].

    Wake up folks. The biggest enemy of Freedom and Liberty in the World is the ideology of Islam (and those who apologize for it, eg. Obama and the political hard-Left). The video the Innocence of Muslims was a clumsy (but factual) attempt by an Egyptian Coptic to highlight the evils of the ideology and its warlord founder. To bad so many people simply ignored the film based on the lies of Islamist apologists (as in, the narrative from the Left-biased media). If you checked the facts you'd see the video was right - Mohammed was evil and against every the Free World stands for (but not against what the political Left now stands for - destruction of the system of the Free World).

  • by DaMattster ( 977781 ) on Saturday February 09, 2013 @09:35PM (#42847303)
    I know this is off-topic but I can't resist an anti-religion rant. Religion in all of its forms is bad. I love to point out two particular flaws in religion: namely that devout Christians espouse pro-life ideals whilst supporting the death penalty and the prophet Muhammad's absolute hatred of women that manifests itself in today's Islamic society. I don't need a religion dictating to me how to lead my life. I don't need some archaic, anachronism like the Bible or the Quran to know what is right or wrong. Religion was a way of explaining the inexplicable in less enlightened times. Furthermore, I absolutely pity those that pray to God or Jesus Christ to ask to be shown the way or told the answer. It is blind, misplaced faith because more often than not, the deity does not answer the prayer. This is why I am atheist and proud of it!
  • by SplashMyBandit ( 1543257 ) on Saturday February 09, 2013 @11:07PM (#42847679)

    Here's a recent article talking about how the US Mainstream Media (MSM) are ignoring facts (Britain's media is also particularly bad in this regard, the once impartial BBC has a horrific anti-Israel pro-Islamist bias these days, no wonder, its journalists are all graduates of Lefty-dominated Liberal Arts universities): []

    Political Correctness is the *enemy* of Free Speech and Liberty. Don't be fooled by the MSM ! Escape The Matrix and do your own research - the media is lying to you by omitting critical facts that don't fit their "narrative". Islam and its enabler 'political correctness' are the enemies of every free person and every Enlightenment liberty.

  • by gallondr00nk ( 868673 ) on Saturday February 09, 2013 @11:38PM (#42847809)

    Mohammed was evil and against every the Free World stands for (but not against what the political Left now stands for - destruction of the system of the Free World).

    Hey fella, you know the Soviet Union died back in 1990 right? The Cold War's over. We've been drinking the authoritarian right kool-aid for quite some time now.

    Snarkiness aside, what exactly would be a solution to the "Islamic problem"?

    Don't forget that the US is a major backer of Saudi Arabia, one of the most repressive Islamic countries in the region.

    A US tactic in the past has been to keep Islamic parties from power by supporting secular dictatorships (though with Afghanistan, they destroyed a secular government for an Islamic party), mainly in Egypt, Iran and Libya. All of these have unravelled for one reason or another.

    The reason then as now isn't ideological or humanitarian, it's because the hand picked dictators didn't nationalise their country's oil industry.

    The west doesn't give a hoot about Sharia law cutting people's hands off, or the fact that in Saudia Arabia women are forbidden from driving. It's only painted as an ideological struggle by the thick-as-pigshit servile media.

    It's a shame, because the humanitarian problems in the region are plentiful. If it wasn't for oil, no-one would give a shit about the middle east.

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