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Egyptian Court Wants To Block YouTube For a Month 188

First time accepted submitter rogue-girl writes that a "Cairo Administrative Court announced earlier on Feb. 9 that a ruling has been issued to block YouTube within the country for 30 days. This decision comes after a lawsuit was filed back in September 2012 during the turmoil caused by the infamous trailer 'The Innocence of Muslims' spread through the popular video platform. The Court has also asked for all websites having published parts or the entire trailer to be banned for 30 days."
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Egyptian Court Wants To Block YouTube For a Month

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday February 09, 2013 @08:04PM (#42846775)

    They are blocking it because they are ashamed of the police abuse caught on videos. The 'Innocence of Muslims' video is excuse they are using to hide.

    Here's the real thing they want to hide from:

    Man being dragged, beaten, and stripped of clothes -

    Man in wheel chair shot by police -

    Police use live ammunition and shoot randomly in the city of Tanta -

    More photos and videos here of the stuff going on:

    Thanks to StormXMX on reddit for the links. I only repost so others can be aware of what is happening.

  • by SplashMyBandit ( 1543257 ) on Saturday February 09, 2013 @10:36PM (#42847559)

    Good on your for not resisting :)

    I agree with you - I just didn't want to get side-tracked on the fact that none of the claims of religions are scientifically verified. Unfortunately some of the people resisting True Evil (tm) also known as "The Ideology called Islam" just happen to be hard-core Christians and Hindus. They are right about Islam, even if it is what an atheistic might consider the wrong reasons (atheists/humanists see Islam as a dire and increasing threat to liberty; other religious just claim Islam is wrong). At this stage of the game I'll accept them into my camp.

    Once we defeat "The Religion of Peace" (ha, what a joke - this is such a lie as shown by the facts: []) then we can have reasoned debate with those with religious delusions (eg. show them the massive amount of contradictions documented in the Skeptics Annotated Bible: [])

    At the moment most of the Free World are not aware of the 57-country Organization of Islamic Cooperation's (OIC) control of the UN (they are the largest single voting bloc, and dominate outfits like the UN Human Rights Council). The OIC claims jurisdiction over any country that has Muslims (that's right, their claim includes where you live). Since they dominate the UN HRC they are slowly but steadily making progress in implementing Islam-friendly laws. Then we have the muppets in the Free World going along with this to be 'nice' (eg. Hiliary Clinton's abject sell-out of the US First Amendment when she co-sponsored the Sharia-compliant UN HRC Resolution 16/18; disgusting behaviour for a US leader). The Muslim Brotherhood has just taken the chair of the OIC. Their plans are proceeding quite nicely and the West mostly remains asleep. A few do notice but are mostly stiffled by those with an ideological Left bent (part of the Red-Green Alliance; where the political Left support the Islamist goal of bringing down the existing international order that has maintained some semblance of international stability).

    So yeah, I agree with your anti-Religious 'rant'. However, I think it is prudent to use all the Allies we can muster to defeat the rising tide of Islamism. If we stay balkanized in factions (atheists vs Christians, Catholics vs Protestants, Democrats/Progressives vs Republicans/Libertarians) then we remain divided and weak against the single biggest and focussed ideological threat to all of us: devout Islam.

    It is important to note that while Christianity may be wrong, it is definitely a mistake to assert it is equally wrong as Islam. Islam is much more wrong because it is totalitarian and covers all aspects of life (especially political). Islam claim full dominion over non-adherents (that means *you*, Slashdotters) whereas Christianity does not make this claim (not these days at least).

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